Monday, January 22, 2007

Ocean Of Noise

In a secret show(which turned out to be not much of a secret), The Arcade Fire rocked Ottawa's Canterbury High School cafeteria this past Friday night for staff, students, alumni and grads. CleverLazy has a personal account of the show and The Ottawa Citizen also has a review.

Courtesy of Pitchfork there's a video from the show of The Arcade Fire performing "Intervention". Check out the video over at The Music Slut.

Go over to Stille Post where there's a link to a download of an audience recording of the show.

Andrew Rose has a review of The Arcade Fire's super secret show at a Montreal church this past Saturday[via Gorilla Vs. Bear]. The Tortured Garden has some links to some audio recordings and videos from the show. You can download an audio recording of the show here[registration required].
In other news, Pitchfork says that Toronto's Rock Plaza Central sign to Yep Roc. Congrats to the band! Just a few reminders: 1)on January 23 the band perform live on MTV Live, 2) coming up January 28, the band do double duty, first performing at Criminal Records(493 QUEEN STREET WEST - at Queen and Spadina) at 4:30pm before opening for Thunderbirds Are Now! and Oxford Collapse later that night at Lee's Palace[via Stille Post].

Buffalo, NY's Sleeping Kings of Iona, who'd I'd discovered and enjoyed at last year's NXNE, have a couple of new demos("Chivalry", "BSF") streaming over at their MySpace. Check 'em out if you're into Junior Boys, Habitat or The Postal Service

Lastly, The LA Times is reporting that Rage Against The Machine will reunite for this year's Coachella with past headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bjork returning to the festival once more. Other notable bands for this year's festival include The Arcade Fire, Interpol, Willie Nelson, the Roots, Manu Chao, the Decemberists, Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth, Crowded House, Air, Tiƫsto and Kings of Leon.

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