Thursday, June 07, 2007

Baby, We'll Be Fine

The National @ The Opera House: photo by Michael Ligon

Tuesday's show at The Opera House featuring The National was arguably the best show of the year. It was my favourite show of the year so far and that's saying a lot given that I'm a relatively newbie to the band. So if I wasn't necessarily singing along like some persons I noticed, I was feeling every bit as delirious as they were. Stay tuned to this space - I quite possibly will elaborate further on the show but I will say that lead vocalist Matt Berninger is every bit caught up in the moment(with a stage presence that reminds me of a less flamboyant Morrissey, but trading in Morrissey's fey vocals for the deep rumble of say Leonard Cohen) and he gave me the impression that every moment he was on stage he was having the time of his life.

Check out Torontoist and Chromewaves for terrific reviews of the show.

alucardx has the set list.

MySpace: The National

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