Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If I Could Talk, I'd Tell You

Evan Dando comes to Lee's Palace in Toronto tonight for a show under The Lemonheads moniker, for the first time, well in a long time. He's been through town as a solo artist at least a couple of times within the last few years from what I recall, the last time being in February of this year at the Horseshoe, but from what I've read, we didn't miss much. Given the video evidence from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends who was at The Lemonheads' recent show in Denver at The Blackbird Theatre, it seems that Evan is back in fine form. Yes, I'm going to the show tonight mostly out of nostalgia(I mostly want to hear the older material), but hopefully the show'll convince me to pick up the new self-titled album - what I've heard so far is decent.

The Village Voice dissects the new album while Cleveland.com interviews Evan about touring and such. Local and national publications also have press on the 'revamped' Lemonheads over at Eye Weekly and chartattack.

Stay tuned for my review of tonight's show which I'm optimistic will be a blast. (I'm hoping for some pedal steel tonight - maybe "Hannah and Gabi".)

In other news, Secretly Canadian's Catfish Haven will be first band on the bill at the Horseshoe[part of the venue's annual X'mas bash] on December 16th. Tickets $10.

Brookly Vegan says that Grizzly Bear will be touring in the new year which will hit Toronto for a show at Lee's Palace in the new year on February 6.

Blacking Out The Friction points out that The Arcade Fire have booked some upcoming Montreal shows - a five-night residency at the Ukrainian Federation in Montreal from Febuary 6th to the 10th. Toronto dates can only be around the corner(I'd kill for a multi-night residency at Lee's Palace!)

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