Sunday, January 09, 2011

(VIDEO)The Walkmen - "Juveniles" (live on Late Night With David Letterman)

When The Walkmen passed through town last October for a show at the Phoenix, in was in support of their new album Lisbon. They'd obviously performed several tracks from the album although nothing sunk in at the time nor had I ever had a chance to listen to the new album. But the band's performance on Late Night With David Letterman does provide more reason than ever to check the new album out. Performing a song entitled "Juveniles", the song shows a dare-I-say more mature side of the band, showing more emphasis on melody and a cleaner, more succinct approach to their instrumentation. Terrific song. The band has some select US and UK dates coming up over the next several months and then the Primavera Festival in Barcelona, Spain in May - tour dates are posted at the band's MySpace.

ps. You may have noticed my abbreviated blog posts as of late. I plan to keep posting a bit more streamlined at least for now, and saving more detailed posts for concert reviews (when I go to shows, of course). I also hope to get back to posting about more local artists/eventt. Posting (both in content and frequency) will be fairly random but I hope you'll stick around.

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