Monday, January 02, 2012

Favourite Albums of 2011

As with my favourite album posts for 2007, 2008, and 2009 as well as my favourite songs of 2010 (a year which I couldn't even concentrate on whole albums) have pointed out, my favourite albums over recent years have either been by established favourites of mine, or else new artists I've gravitated towards have been a select few. I've missed out on many an album released in 2011 out of the sheer exhaustion in seeking out new music but there have been a few artists that had piqued my interest that I'm glad I checked out. So here are the albums released in 2011 which I enjoyed:

Austra -- Feel It Break
Video: Austra - "Darken Her Horse" (Live on KEXP)
MySpace: Austra

The Weeknd -- House of Balloons
Video: The Weeknd - "High For This"
Facebook: The Weeknd

PJ Harvey -- Let England Shake
Video: PJ Harvey- "The Words That Maketh Murder"
MySpace: PJ Harvey

James Blake -- James Blake
Video: James Blake - "The Wilhelm Scream"
MySpace: James Blake

Thurston Moore -- Demolished Thoughts
Video: Thurston Moore - "Benediction" / "Blood never lies" (A Take Away Show)

Miracle Fortress -- Was I The Wave?
Video: Miracle Fortress - "Tracers" (live @ Soundscapes, Toronto, 13/05/2011)
MySpace: Miracle Fortress

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
Video: Lykke Li - "Sadness Is A Blessing"
MySpace: Lykke Li


  1. Nice choices! There's a few on here I haven't heard of, will have to check out. Never picked up Thurston's album as I don't like much recent Sonic Youth releases, but this makes me reconsider.

  2. The new Thurston album was produced by Beck and IMO has similarities Beck's "Sea Change" LP. "Demolished Thoughts" is a beautiful album.