Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Piece Of Sunshine

concert review: Tahiti 80, Brookville @ Horseshoe Tavern(Toronto, Ontario), November 18, 2006

Tahiti 80 @ Horseshoe Tavern: photo by Michael Ligon

I've been looking forward to seeing France's Tahiti 80. Tahiti 80's lead vocalist mentioned during the show that it had been four years since their last visit to Toronto. They forgot to mention that they were suppose to have come over to Toronto for last year's Canadian Music Week as part of some sort of French Band showcase, but I never did find out why they didn't end up coming over. So finally I got to see them this past Saturday. I was slightly disappointed if only because they devoted almost half their set on tracks from the most recent, dance-pop oriented album "Fosbury" which I hadn't heard until the show. Maybe I have to hear the album but I wasn't feeling the new tracks as much as their older material. The rest of the set was filled out by tracks from "Puzzle", "A Piece of Sunshine" and "Wallpaper For The Soul". There was good energy from the band, in particular their vocalist Xavier Boyer and their bassist Pedro Resende[who at point donned a giant panda bear head garb and started to bash away at the cymbals along with the drummer]. The set and encore felt far too short in total[which I estimate was not more than an hour and fifteen minutes] and I could have thought of several songs they could have performed like "Don't Misunderstand" or "Easy Way Out" but otherwise it was a breezy set of hook-laden, pop music.

I don't much to say about openers Brookville. I got to the Horseshoe during the start of their set and initially thought it was only music being played over the PA. It turned out it was actually the band playing. I wasn't that impressed with them initially[I mean, they had the audacity to have sampled guitar sounds, even though there were at least two guitarists on stage - although the vocalist did mention that he wasn't that good of a guitar player anyway]. However, there were at least a few songs that had a breezy Cardigans/Ivy-esque pop feel to it which didn't make the set a total loss.

Here are my photos, including the setlist.

Tahiti 80 @ MySpace

The Montreal Mirror spoke to Tahiti 80's vocalist Xavier Boyer.

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