Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Hidden Cameras @ Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (July 1, 2012)

  Joel Gibb: photo by Michael Ligon

Toronto's loss is Berlin's gain ever since The Hidden Cameras Joel Gibb moved to the latter about 7 years ago, so when comes back to Toronto to play a hometown show, it's an extra special treat. The last time they rolled through town was in 2009, timed around the release of their last album Origin: Orphan, when they played shows in October(@ Goodhandy's) and December(@ The Opera House) of that year, so when the band came to Harbourfront Centre to play the annual Canada Day show there, I had to be there. Gibb alluded to a new Hidden Cameras new album, which subsequently I'd came across an interview Gibb did with  Signal in which he reveals the album will be out in 2013 and will be a "...darker and more experimental affair."

The show wasn't as raucous as their live shows in year's past but still it was an enjoyable show. Lost count of the number of people on stage but there was Joel and his band, plus a horn section and a 6 member, equal parts male / female backup choir. And they had Toronto drummer of The Bicycles and Sheezer, Dana Snell behind the kit which was a nice surprise. Overall it was a great way to spend Canada Day.

Brief review of the show over at Gray Owl Point and Mechanical Forest Sound has a few recordings from the show.

  the choir: photo by Michael Ligon

  The Hidden Cameras: photo by Michael Ligon

More photos at the link below.

Photos: The Hidden Cameras @ Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (July 1, 2012)

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