Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Death Disco

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    controller.controller - History
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    I purchased this album after work today for a cool $8. I listened to it on my drive home. It hasn't quite sunk in yet, but my first impression is that nothing on the EP matches the brilliance of the first single 'History'. But then maybe familiarity has alot to do with that. BTW, the controller.controller site is finally up and running! The band's playing a couple of shows in Toronto over the next couple of days, including a CD release party on Friday March 5. You'll have to check out the site yourself [click 'tour'] for further details, because they have programmed the code for the site such that I can't link directly to the 'tour' info.

  • Canadian Music Week 2004 starts tomorrow! Notable acts performing include The Heavy Blinkers, The High Dials, The Smugglers, Oh Susanna, Metric, Tricky Woo, Tangiers, The Sadies, By Divine Right, and Matt Mays and El Torpedo. Check out the festival schedule for the whole scoop.

  • Pitchfork reports that the Beastie Boys will be releasing their new LP in June! Note: 5+ years between albums is way too long to wait guys... And that weak anti-war song 'In a World Gone Mad' they released as an mp3 was hardly an appetizer(although I appreciate the sentiment)[if you're interested the song is available as a download from the site]....BTW, I see that the Beastie Boys updated their site just this pass January!

  • I was flipping the channels yesterday and came across Zed Tv on CBC TV yesterday. They showed a video by Canadian indie music artist Lederhosen Lucil; she dressed in German lederhosen with blonde pigtails and played new-wavey synth pop. The song that she played was called 'Anarchavid'. It was the catchiest song that I've heard in ages! I drew comparisons to Toronto band Pony Da Look who rely heavy on keyboards but are far less catchy in my opinion(although they still kick ass!). So go check out Lederhosen Lucil's site; drop by the mp3 page to download some samples including the above named song!

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