Tuesday, March 23, 2004

El Scorcho

  • The new Weezer DVD "Video Capture Device" came out today and the BIG SURPRISE is that for a DVD which contains more than 3 hours of footage, it was only $11.99, at no less than 3 different stores[HMV, Futureshop, Music World]. Well I had a $10 gift certificate from Music World left from Christmas, so you know where I headed. I think I got the last copy at Music World. ....They didn't have The Blue Album: Deluxe Edition but if the price of $42.99 at HMV.com is any indication of what price it'll sell at, then I'm not sure it's really worth it.

  • Caught wind of the news over at silverroad.org that Sarah Harmer is guesting on CMT Central [7pm EST]. I only caught part of Sarah's new video "Almost" and then the show ended. Sarah had a guitar with her in studio so I'm assuming she played at least one song live. Too bad I missed it. :-( However, I was listening to Sarah's song "Almost" while the video was playing and in my opinion it sounds more like a song she should perform with Weeping Tile; a little more guitar-oriented and even melodically different from what I anticipate from Sarah Harmer as a solo artist.

  • off to see Dawn of the Dead. gotta go!

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