Saturday, March 06, 2004

"Let's rewrite your history" - controller.controller

  • I think I came down with something yesterday because I had a massive headache when I woke up. It was a relatively warm night yesterday in Toronto for March. But maybe leaving my jacket unzipped wasn't such a good idea. I came out of Cinecyle after the controller.controller set and after a couple of beers and being cooped up with a room full of people, I was getting slightly warm. So I walked outside without putting on my jacket and cooled off while I walked to my car. Now, I think I'm paying for that. I just hope that I can make it to The Heavy Blinkers gig tonight. Otherwise here's how the controller.controller show went down:

    As seen by controller.controller's current exposure in the media, especially the cover of the current issue of Now Magazine, there's been a certain amount of buzz about the band. It's Canadian Music Week and controller.controller had their record release party at Cinecyle yesterday; however, controller.controller's gig yesterday bucked the trend and 1)were not part of Canadian Music Week, and 2) played Cinecyle which in my opinion is a fairly non-traditional venue for live music(at least within the realm of my experience); I mean, I've never had to walk down an alley to get to the entrance of a venue. But that's part of the charm of the band; they're non-traditionalists. Well, let me modify that statement; the band musically pays respect to post-punk 'history'[couldn't resist], but they take a refreshingly danceable approach, making the 'death disco, post punk' combination a natural extension. As far as I recall, the band played the whole EP although I've only had the new EP for a couple of days so I'm not quite sure. I know they started off their set with 'Silent Seven' and 'History' which are the first two songs of the new EP and which happen to be my favourite songs of the EP; I thought maybe they should have closed the set with one of those songs but the last song they played was wickedly exciting.

    controller.controller are sure to make my top-ten for 2004 for their 'History' EP!

    ps. I did catch one of the opening bands called Death From Above but I was towards the back of the club at the time and only managed to catch rare glimpses of the band; Cinecyle really needs a raised stage. Otherwise musically, they reminded me of MC5. That's a good thing but that night I wasn't really in the mood for that.

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