Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nuit Blanche

'Event Horizon' @ Nuit Blanche 2007: photo by Michael Ligon

So it was that I went it alone Saturday night to check out my first Nuit Blanche night in Toronto. I got downtown around 11:30 pm and as it went ended up staying until 6 am when I headed home. I primarily stayed in Zone's A & B(only sort of passing through Zone C when I headed home). A few of the highlights were: "Crowd" at Queen's Park(the surround sound installation was actually pretty cool if you stuck around long enough to listen to the different sound effects, clips, music, etc...), checking out "The Ghost Station" installation at Lower Bay Subway Station, "The Theatre of Ephemeral Music" concert at The Music Gallery(especially the collaboration between turntablists iNSiDEaMiND, pianist John Kameel Farah, and the experimental guitar sounds of Jonny Dovercourt), and the "What Will You Do?" installation at Queen and University, a video projection that (at least at the time I was there) presented the question "What Would You Do To Cool The Earth?" which then spectactors could text message responses(some serious, some funny) that would then appear on the screen. I didn't get photos of everything I attended unfortunately. I really liked the video short entitled "Magical World" which was screening at First Baptist Church on Huron St - at once touching and moving. I wished I caught more of Nuit Blanche - there was so much I would have loved to see. Despite the crowds, I'd do it all over in a heartbeat. Until next year. Oh, and thank God for comfortable shoes and caffeine.

Photos: Nuit Blanche 2007
Video: "The Theatre of Ephemeral Music" @ The Music Gallery

note: the video above(which I shot on my digital camera) is of the ceiling projection with music in the background performed live featuring turntablists iNSiDEaMiND, pianist John Kameel Farah and the experimental guitar sounds of Jonny Dovercourt)

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