Thursday, June 14, 2012

NXNE Picks (Thursday June 14, 2012)

Purity Ring
  Purity Ring

It'd been my intention to have had my picks up earlier this week but that just did not happen what with NXNE sneaking up on me, me catching up on some belated blog posts (Hot Docs), posting my review of the recent Rufus Wainwright show, and well just being a bit lazy. Unfortunately, I didn't get up my recommendations for yesterday's NXNE shows although I did pick up my media pass at the Hyatt Regency where I caught a Q & A with the thoroughly ridiculous but admittedly entertaining crew of Epic Meal Time, and then headed over to new vinyl / vintage clothing outlet Of A Kind which was hosting a NXNE-related event with a trio of bands plus the Static Zine crew on hand who were celebrating the launch of Issue 4 (the NXNE edition) of their zine. They've stated they will not be posting concert reviews of anything of the bands they see during the festival but rather will be writing about their experience and if their recap of Wednesday's events is an indications, it's been fun times so far.

I'd intended to get up a post today with my recommendations for today through Sunday but that's just not going to happen, but I will get up today's(Thursday) recommendations and I should have up Friday through Sunday's recommendations either tomorrow or over the next few days:

Afternoon ----- Later this afternoon I'll be heading over to Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island for a free show featuring Chicago's Smith Westerns and Toronto's Dusted, the melodic folk project of Brian Borcherdt (of Holy Fuck) playing as a duo with Leon Taheny, the latter from whom you can expect a record on Polyvinyl later this summer . Sponsored by Jansport Bonfire Sessions, local artist Emily Bitze created a poster for this event, and concertgoers will receive limited edition silk-screened prints at the show along with JanSport giveaways throughout the event. The event does require an RSVP which is already closed unfortunately, but I'll let you know how things went if I make it in.

9 pm ----- Ex-Constantines Steve Lambke's solo project Baby Eagle has been off my radar for a while but he's apparently back and will be playing an early set at The Great Hall. I'll probably be down at the El Mocambo to check out Toronto shoegaze / post-grunge duo Beliefs.

10 pm ----- Another local act who've been off my radar for a few years is chirpy Toronto indiepop outfit Hooded Fang and they'll be playing down at the Horseshoe Tavern. My plan B will be Toronto duo Army Girls who I'm inclined to give a second chance given the adulations that have been laid on them by many although when I'd seen them play live back in May 2011 I hadn't been particularly blown away, although I'm a big fan of vocalist/guitarist of Carmen Elle who've seen play live with many artists around town.

11 pm ----- The neo-psycho-pop of Brooklynites Young Magic seems interesting and they'll be playing at Wrongbar while I've been itching to see Toronto free-jazz trio Badbadnotgood who'll be playing The Hoxton and have been racking rave reviews all over. But to avoid the hubbub over at Wrongbar and with the likelihood that I'll get to see Badbadnotgood play another time, I'll probably head over to The Garrison for San Franciscan female post-punk trio Grass Widow (who I've read have been described as a cross between The Slits and The Shrangi-las) whose most previous album Past Time was released in 2010 through Kill Rock Stars and whose most recent album Internal Logic was released this past May through HLR.

Midnight ----- It's a toss up between the all-female goth-garage-stomp of Nashville's The Black Belles, signed to Jack White's Third Man label and who'll be playing at The Garrison or the DIY bubblegum punk of Los Angeles duo Bleached who'll be playing a set at the Silver Dollar. Mind you both bands will be playing multiple sets during the festival so I could perhaps skip this time slot and grab a bite to eat. Win-win.

1 am ----- Ok maybe I'll see Badbadnotgood at The Hoxton at this time slot but otherwise I have a but of a hankering to catch the recent 4AD-signed Montreal indie electronic duo Purity Ring who'll no doubt be attracting a crowd down at Wrongbar. Otherwise, another buzzed act this year, Brooklyn noise-punk quartet The Men who'll be playing The Garrison may just be where I end up. There's no guarantee I'll get into any of these sets given the buzz of all these artists. This is when it's important to have a plan D, E, and F.

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