Friday, June 14, 2013

NXNE Picks (June 14-15, 2013)

NXNE 2013

Here's my picks for NXNE for tonight and tomorrow night. Other than The National show at Yonge Dundas Square tonight [psyching myself for the zoo that it'll most likely be], I'm not sure where I'll actually be today and tomorrow. There's a lot of good or interesting things to choose from but I think I'll just keep things spontaneous this year:

(rushed post again; will try to spice it up with some media links on the fly, so keep checking back.)

FRIDAY JUNE 14, 2013

Beach Day [Hollywood, USA]
Friday, June 14 @ 2:00 PM, Urban Outfitters
(also Saturday June 15 @ 11:00 PM, Handlebar and Sunday June 16 @ 6:30 PM, Kops Records (in-store))
Video: Beach Day - "Beach Day" (music video)

Still Corners [London, UK]
Friday June 14 @ 3:00 PM, Urban Outfitters
(also Friday June 14 @ 10:00 PM, Horseshoe Tavern)
Video: Still Corners - "Berlin Lovers" (music video)

Dusted [Toronto, Ontario]
Friday June 14 @ 4:00 PM, Urban Outfitters
(also Saturday June 15 @ 7:00 PM, St. James Gazebo and Saturday June 15 @ 11:00 PM, Garrison)
Video: Dusted - "Bruises" (live at Open Roof Festival, August 16, 2012)

By Divine Right [Toronto, Ontario]
Friday June 14 @ 7:00 PM, St. James Gazebo
Video: By Divine Right - "Hugger of Trees" (music video)

Hayden [Toronto, Ontario]
Friday June 14 @ 7:30 PM, Yonge Dundas Square
Video: Hayden - "Rainy Saturday" (music video)

The National [Brooklyn, USA]
Friday June 14 @ 9:10 PM, Yonge Dundas Square
Video: The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (music video)

Buke and Gase [Brooklyn, USA]
Friday June 14 @ 11:00 PM, Horseshoe Tavern
Video: Buke and Gas - "General Dome (music video)

The Magic [Guelph, Ontario]
Friday June 14 @ 11:0 PM, BLK BOX
Video: The Magic - "Mr. Hollywood" (live at KazooFest 2012 Guelph, ON)

Sloan [Toronto, Ontario]
Friday June 14 @ 11:00 PM, The Great Hall
Video: Sloan - "The Marquee and The Moon" (live at The Mod Club, June 21 2011)

Super Friendz [Halifax, Nova Scotia]
Friday June 14 @ midnight, The Great Hall
Video: Super Friendz - "Up and Running" (music video)

WHY? [Cincinnati, USA]
Friday June 14 @ midnight, Horseshoe Tavern
Video: WHY? - "Strawberries" (music video)

Foxtrott [Montreal, Quebec]
Friday June 14 @ 2:00 AM, Silver Dollar Room
Video: Foxtrott - "Shields" (live, Session BRBR)


Breeze [Toronto, Ontario]
Saturday June 15 @ 8:00 PM, Garrison
Video: Breeze - "Paradise (in a while)" (music video)

Heidi Happy [Lucerne, Switzerland]
Saturday June 15 @ 9:00 PM, Czehoski
Video: Heidi Happy - "Dance With Another" (music video)

Chad Valley [Oxford, UK]
Saturday June 15 @ 10:00 PM, BLK BOX
Saturday June 15 @ midnight, Sidedoor
Video: Chad Valley - "Fall 4 U" [feat. Glasser] (music video)

Majical Cloudz [Montreal, Quebec]
Saturday June 15 @ 10:00 PM, The Arts & Crafts Pop-Up
Saturday June 15 @ midnight, BLK BOX
Video: Majical Cloudz - "Childhood's End" (music video)

Evan Dando [Los Angeles, USA]
Saturday June 15 @ midnight, Rivoli
Video: Evan Dando - "Frying Pan" (live)

Iceage [Copenhagen, Denmark]
Saturday June 15 @ midnight, Horseshoe Tavern
Video: Iceage "Ecstasy" (music video)

Tangiers [Toronto, Ontario]
Saturday June 15 @ midnight, Garrison
Video: Tangiers - "Keep the Living Bodies Warm" (music video)

Heartbeat Hotel [Toronto, Ontario]
Saturday June 15 @ 1:00 AM, Magpie
Video: Heartbeat Hotel - "Fins Of A Shark" (live at Magpie, Toronto for Southern Souls)

Joey Bada$$ [Brooklyn, USA]
Saturday June 15 @ 1:00 AM, Wrongbar
(also Sunday June 16 @ 8:00 PM, Yonge Dundas Square)
Video: Joey Bada$$ - "Waves" (music video)

Fucked Up [Toronto, Ontario]
Saturday June 15 @ 1:00 AM, Horseshoe Tavern
Video: Fucked Up - "Queen of Hearts" (music video)

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