Thursday, May 27, 2004

Let's Push Things Forward

Just some news updates and some commentary today. Slow news day overall...however with the fairly nice weather we've had today, I've been thinking and have decided that "Pacific Theme" by Broken Social Scene is the PERFECT summer song! [song sample here]

  • Controller.Controller have added some more dates to their 'shows' page, including a couple more in Toronto, June 2 at The Gladstone Hotel and June 12 at Studio 99.

  • The Streets and Dizzee Rascal are touring together, including a Toronto stop on June 25 at the Mod Club[news courtesy of Pitchfork]. I just got the The Streets new CD "A Grand Don't Come For Free" and it's interesting, although it took me a few listens to really get into. It's definitely mellower than the first CD "Original Pirate Material", which I never made the leap to purchasing the CD from the burned copy I was listening to all last summer/fall... Oh, remembering the drive to Montreal(from Mississauga) last summer when a couple of friends and I were going to the Pop Montreal festival, barrelling down the 401 with the refrain of "Let's Push Things Forward" blasting through my car speakers. Memories.

  • Just got the NME 'Heroes' issue today which features Morrissey interviewing Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes interviewing Lou Reed, and The Ordinary Boys talking with Paul Weller. [Mind you, these hyperlinks are just excerpts, so do yourself and pick up the magazine, you cheapskates!] Haven't had a chance to read it yet except for some excerpts at the NME site, but just reading that Julian Casablancas was a "bundle of nerves" before interviewing Lou Reed de-mystified the whole, 'rock stars are cool' stereotype. Rock stars are people too. ;-) Now, if Julian had shit his pants, that would have been funny. :-)

  • So Yahoo has this story today about a blogger who's supposedly a Hollywood actor but is posting anonymously about being an actor in Hollywood and the 'cult of celebrity'. My guess is it's John Cusack(I could so picture him doing something like this)...but then the blogger(pseudonym 'Rance' in 'Rants') said in one of the posts that he(or is that she?) lives in Los Angeles, so I could be totally wrong if Mr. Cusack doesn't reside there. Actually, come to think of it, I think Mr. Cusack might live in Chicago. But still, my only plausible guess is that it's John Cusack. He's tolerant of Hollywood, choosing to act in Hollywood films from time to time, while at the same time seeming very cynical about the industry. ...Well, decide for yourself and check out the blog here.

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