Friday, May 14, 2004

So Close and Yet So Far

  • No Cardigans show for me yesterday. And I'm really bummed about it. I went bowling with some co-workers yesterday and then after I headed downtown to Lee's Palace around 9 pm to see if I could pickup a ticket from a scalper for the Cardigans show yesterday. While driving down Bloor St., I saw the lineup for admission into the venue, which I assumed was for ticketholders only. I figured I'd go kill some time at Sonic Boom across the street from Lee's Palace before looking for a scalper to buy a ticket from. Hey, I was ready to spend at least $30-40 to get a ticket[for a ticket that had a face value of $18.50]. I figure I spent more time at Sonic Boom than I intended to because it was almost 10:30 pm before I headed towards Lee's Palace. The lineup into Lee's was inside by then, and I couldn't find any scalpers [althought there were several people outside Lee's asking if anyone had any extra tickets]. So in defeat I gave up and headed home. (The only consolation was that I was able to purchase Wilco's "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" DVD for a decent price of $30.99 CDN.)

    But to my horror, after catching some comments at Chromewaves today, I read that Lee's Palace had some tickets for the show available at the door. WTF!? Apparently, there was a sign outside the venue which indicated that some tickets were being sold at the door. Well, I either missed that sign, or that sign must have been taken down by the time I got to Lee's around 10:30 pm yesterday. What f!*kin' bad luck I have some of the time! So to all who got in to the show yesterday, hope you had a good time.

    Going to buy myself a rabbit's foot.

  • There's a new update at Ted Leo 's site today. He had been posting comments about his recent tour in March of this year and he had posted comments for gigs up to March 17, 2004. And now he's decided to put the tour diary on the back burner, which means I guess he won't be posting anything about the March 25, 2004 show which I was at. It could have gone something like this:

    Man...Toronto was just so awesome! Canadians rock! That's why I've decided to come back for a second Toronto gig in June. I wish all my fans were as enthusiastic as my Canadian fans. When I get back to Toronto, everyone gets a free t-shirt and CD at the show!

    Now how hard could that have been Ted. ;-)

    ...A slight consolation, is that Ted mentions in today's news update that in the future he hopes to post a daily diary of the upcoming recording process for the new album as well as posting some song demos in mp3 format!

    ...Hey, while were on the topic of Ted Leo, I just thought I'd remind you that Sharing The Groove has at least one Ted Leo show that is available in lossless format for download at this very moment. I'm currently downloading the Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 08/15/2002 SouthPaw show. Did I mention that Sharing the Groove is such an awesome site?! I feel like a kid in a candy store everytime I go there.
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