Tuesday, May 23, 2006

West Coast

My blog post frequency has sort of fallen by the wayside as of late, partially due to a lack of shows I've been going to, but moreso to do with my anticipation of my trip to Vancouver to see my brother. It'll be my first time to Vancouver, and I can't wait.

My plane takes off at noon today, and I'm still in the midst of packing/repacking, so I'll have to keep this brief. Since my brother and I have a few plans here and there while I'm over there, I don't want to forget anything. We'll be going to the Sasquatch Festival in Washington state, complete with camping from May 26-28(US Memorial Day weekend). Neko Case, Beck, The Flaming Lips, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists, The Constantines and many others. It's gonna be amazing! Hopefully, during my time BC we'll be going to Whistler for some skiing(yes, there apparently is still snow in the mountains!). Concert-wise, in Vancouver we have nothing planned but the Sasquatch Festival(2 1/2 days) will be more than enough music. I'll probably be checking out some of the music venues and records stores(ie. Zulu Records) just to see how they compare to Toronto. Since my brother's been living over there for a year, I haven't bothered to research anything for this trip since I'll have my own personal tour guide. And I get accommodations at his place. Always the way to travel.

It'll be great to be off work for a week, and in conjuction with that I don't expect to be blogging much. If I can hit up an internet cafe in Vancouver, I'll try to rattle off a post. The only music blogging hopefully should come during the Sasquatch Festival, and that's if there's any internet access onsite. Otherwise, this blog goes on hiatus until the evening of May 31st when I get back from Vancouver.

See ya.

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