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concert review: Clinic @ Lee's Palace(Toronto, Ontario), March 12, 2007

Clinic @ Lee's Palace: photo by Michael Ligon

The four masked gentleman of Liverpool's Clinic came to Lee's Palace to do what they do best which is to perform their brand of sinister, maniacal, pop-abilly. The last time I saw them live was in November 2004 which I believe was the last time they were in town, and they absolutely slayed the capacity crowd. This time around, dressed in burgundy hospital scrubs and white masks with black tophats, musically it was just more of the same, and therein lay the problem. Overall, the band had their moments and at least some of crowd was into it, but it was a reserved excitement which I thought was due to Monday night doledrums(on the part of the crowd) and that Lee's was maybe only 70 % at capacity. The set plus encore was about an hour but with one song seguing into the next for almost the entire set, only broken up when members of the band switched instruments, the set flew by. Without any sort of interesting lighting effects or screen projections and with the band projecting little to no emotion[at the very least, the masks hid the band's facial expressions], there was little on stage to keep me visually interested. I think I would have preferred dim lighting[at the expense of me taking decent non-flash photos] because at least the band draped in shadows might have created a little more of a creepy atmosphere. Disappointing. Chartattack has a similar opinion of the show. I think maybe I should have went to see Dean and Britta at The Mod Club[see chromewaves' review] or Jenn Grant at Cameron House instead.

My photos from the show to come.

Unfortunately, I missed openers Uncut's set due to checking out Scotland's My Latest Novel's early set(and also free) at Horseshoe Tavern. Review/photos of that show to come soon, but it was a terrific set.

MySpace: Clinic
belletristic impressions had a Q & A with Jenn Grant prior to Canadian Music Week last week. chartattack has a couple of photos from her CMW set.

Pitchfork directed us to a "webisode" of Feist's "My Moon My Man" which features the song along with footage of Feist and her band in the recording studio as well as clips from previous Feist videos. Blacking Out The Friction was one of the lucky few to catch Feist's secret, intimate gig at The Music Gallery last week when she previewed songs off her soon-to-be released new album "The Reminder"; he even snuck a photo(tsk, tsk).

Sub Pop reminds us that The Shins are on Late Night With Conan O'Brien tomorrow night[ie March 14].

Concert Announcements:
Mar 15-16/07 - The Zoobombs @ The Silver Dollar [#]
Mar 27/07 - Amiina @ Rivoli (moved from The Music Gallery) (sold out?) [&]
Mar 29/07 - The Rheostatics @ Horseshoe Tavern [!]
Apr 16/07 - Interpol @ Element [Kitchener, ON] [*]
Jun 19/07 - "The True Colors Tour" w/ Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Harry, Erasure, Margaret Cho, The Dresden Dolls, The Gossip, The Misshapes @ Molson Amphitheatre [%]

& - The Music Gallery
# - Stille Post
! - Horseshoe Tavern
* - Pitchfork
% - Pollstar

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