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Canadian Musicfest Picks (March 10-11, 2010)

It's that time of year again, Canadian Music Week, and of course the music portion, last year inaugurally dubbed Canadian Musicfest, is the part I'm looking forward to the most. While Toronto's other major multi-venue, citywide music industry festival NXNE which takes hold of the city every June has upped the ante in recent years with buzzier bands and bigger draw acts(as well of course, a lot of unknowns), Canadian Music Week has remained for the most part, focused on mostly unknown acts. Frustrating to some, but I do enjoy the process of reading the artist/band descriptions, sampling the MySpace sites, and hopefully discovering some new and exciting music. Fighting chilly temperatures venue-hopping had always been a factor during Canadian Music Week in past years. It's nice to feel the balmy temperatutes recently which should linger in to the weekend. I just hope the forecast of rain for the end of the week and into the weekend doesn't pan out. Without further ado, her are my CMF picks for Wednesday and Thursday:


From 9-11 pm approximately, I'll likely be checking out Jason Collett, Zeus, and Bahamas at Lee's Palace who'll be performing together under the banner of The Bonfire Ball. As I understand, all three artists will be forming an extended set together, integrating all three artists' songs. There are however a lot of other good choices this night:

9 pm
Kalle Mattson @ Central (indie, roots)

MySpace: Kalle Matson
Video: Kalle Mattson - "Whisper Bee" (live @ Canteen)

9:45 pm
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business @ The Opera House (acoustic, rock, emo)

Audio: I can make a mess like nobodys business - "Old man your no good at talking anymore"

10 pm
Ruth Minnikin @ Cadillac Lounge (roots, pop)

Video: Ruth Minnikin and her bandwagon - "Depend On This" (music video)
MySpace: Ruth Minnikin

10 pm
Ketch Harbour Wolves @ Neutral (indie, rock)

MySpace: Ketch Harbour Wolves
Video: Ketch Harbour Wolves - "Words"

10 pm
Wilderness of Manitoba @ Painted Lady (indie, acoustic, folk)

Video: Shafey's Palace-Episode 7 ft.The Wilderness of Manitoba

11 pm
Will Currie & the Country French @ Gladstone (pure pop, piano)

MySpace: Will Currie & the Country French
Video: Will Currie and the Country French - "City" (live @ WLU's Last Band Standing, March 2007)

11 pm
Chère Françoise @ Global Village Backpackers (acoustic, french pop)

Video: Chère Françoise - "My Other Me" (live @ Bread & Circus, December 2009)

11 pm
Dead Letter Chorus @ Painted Lady (indie, folk-rock)

Video: Dead Letter Chorus - "Down In Your Valley" (music video)

11 pm
Pick A Piper @ Rancho Relaxo (indie, percussion, rhythmic, experimental)

Video: Pick A Piper - "Rooms" (music video)

11 pm
Speech Debelle @ Revival (hip hop, rap, British)

MySpace: Speech Debelle
Video: Speech Debelle - "Spinnin'" (music video)

12 am
Family Of The Year @ Central (indie, folk-rock, vocals)

MySpace: Family Of The Year
Video: Family Of The Year - "What A Surprise" (Live From The Indaba Music Loft)

12 am
Dead Messenger @ Neutral (power pop, rock)

MySpace: Dead Messenger
Video: Dead Messenger - "FAT BLACK HEART"

1 am
The O'Darling @ Central (indie, pop, vocals)

Video: The O Darling: Playing: Fire Fire with AKE live in Victoria


This is the night that the festival REALLY kicks into high gear:

8 pm
Digits @ Drake (electro, pop)

9 pm
The Funeral Suits @ Hideout (indie, rock, pop)

Video: The Funeral Suits - Black Lemonade (music video)

9 pm
New Look @ Lee's Palace (electro, soul, pop)

MySpace: New Look

9 pm
Sally Seltmann @ Great Hall (indie, pop)

MySpace: Sally Seltmann
Video: Sally Seltmann - "Harmony to my Heartbeat" (music video)

10 pm
Speech Decebelle @ Lee's Palace (hip hop, rap, British)

10 pm
Forest City Lovers @ Drake (indie, folk-rock)

MySpace: Forest City Lovers
Video: Forest City Lovers - "If I Were A Tree" (music video)

10 pm
Dan Managan @ Great Hall (indie, folk-pop)

MySpace: Dan Managan
Video: Dan Managan - "The Indie Queens Are Waiting" (music video)

10 pm
Diamond Rings @ Garrison (indie, electro, rock, pop)

Video: Diamond Rings - "All Yr Songs" (music video)

10 pm
Grand Atlantic @ Clinton's (rock)

Video: Grand Atlantic - "She's A Dreamer" (music video)

10 pm
The Slate Pacific @ Painted Lady (indie, rock)

MySpace: The Slate Pacific
Video: The Slate Pacific - "Eccentrics" (live @ Capital Bar, April 2009)

10:30 pm
Neon Indian @ Lee's Palace (electro, pop)

Audio: Neon Indian - "Deadbeat Summer"

11 pm
Everything All The Time @ Sneaky Dee's (indie, electro, rock)

Video: Everything All The Time - "Start Stop" (live @ Drake Underground, Oct 23 2009)

11 pm
Ghostkeeper @ Bread & Circus (indie, rock, pop)

Video: Ghostkeeper @ No.1 Legion, Sled Island Festival 2009

11 pm
Hooded Fang @ Drake (indie, pop)

Video: Hooded Fang - "Land of Giants" (live on Qtv, 2009)

11 pm
Timbre Timbre @ Great Hall (folk, blues)

MySpace: Timbre Timbre
Video: Timber Timbre - "We'll Find Out" (music video)

11 pm
Fields of Fur @ Garrison (indie, guitar-rock)

11 pm
The D'Arcys @ El Mocambo (indie, rock, shoegaze)

MySpace: The Darcys
Video: The Darcys - "Strange Fits" (acoustic)

11 pm
Sydney Wayser @ Painted Lady (indie, folk, experimental)

MySpace: Sydney Wayser
Video: Sydney Wayser - "Lullaby" (music video)

11:30 pm
Little Dragon @ Lee's Palace (electro, soul)

MySpace: Little Dragon
Video: Little Dragon - "Constant Surprises" (music video)

12 am
Hey Marseilles @ Clinton's (indie, folk, pop)

MySpace: Hey Marseilles
Video: Hey Marseilles - "Rio" (Live on KEXP)

12 am
Parlovr @ Sneaky Dee's (indie, rock)

Video: Parlovr | M for Montreal |11.20.2009 (live)

12 am
Cadence Weapon @ Garrison (hip hop, rap)

MySpace: Cadence Weapon
Video: Cadence Weapon - "Black Hand" (music video)

1 am
And So I Watch You From Afar @ Hideout (alternative, rock, instrumental)

Video: And So I Watch You From Afar - "Set Guitars to Kill"

1 am
Little Foot Long Foot @ Central (rock, blues, country)

Video: Little Foot Long Foot - "King Hipster" (music video)

1:30 am
Rich Aucoin @ Lee's Palace (indie, experimental, pop)

MySpace: Rich Aucoin
Video: Rich Aucoin - Behold The Lamb (Live @ The Music Room, July 4, 2008)

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