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Concert Announcements & Music News (March 7, 2010)

Flaming Lips / Dark Side Of The Moon
  photo from BAM's Blog

Starting tomorrow hopefully, I'll be posting some Canadian Musicfest previews. Right now I'm taking a break from watching the Oscar's so I'll take the time to clear out some music news and linkage.

Ted Leo + Pharmacists' new album entitled "The Brutalist Bricks" out on Matador Records on March 9 is currently streaming out the band's MySpace. No Toronto dates at the moment but the band are touring the US, kicking it off in Brooklyn on the album's release date then heading west before swinging back east in April. Ted and band performed a live in studio set for Spinner's Interface:

Video: Ted Leo + Pharmacists (live on The Interface -

Caribou will release their new album "Swim" on April 20 (April 19 internationally) and will be heavily touring the album in Europe and North America from April through to June. Caribou play the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on May 3. (via Pitchfork). "Odessa" is the first single from the new album:

Audio: Caribou - "Odessa"

We haven't seen The Flaming Lips around these parts since 2006 since they'd played an 'intimate' show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in April 2006 (which I unfortunately wasn't at), and then played an aborted set at the Virgin Festival at Toronto Islands in September (which I was at but of course was disappointed that their set got cut short due to delays throughout the day which led to the Lips' set running into the Island's 11 pm curfew). Originally the current crop of tour dates listed a July 22 date at ArtPark in Lewiston, NY which is a hop, skip and a jump down the road from Toronto, but now that date seems to have disappeared.(Although if you go to NME, you'll see the Lewiston date was listed.) I've read some mutterings about the Lips perhaps playing the planned Imagine Music & Arts Concert at Downsview Park taking place July 10-11 although if that does materialize it might just be the Lips' performing a set of their cover of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon", which really wouldn't be a bad thing actually.

Video: The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and the White Dwarfs - "Breathe" (Pink Floyd cover)

Daniel, Fred & Julie, the collaborative project featuring Daniel Romano of Attack in Black, Fred Squire of Calm Down It's Monday, and the Julie being Ms. Julie Doiron, will be performing a set of their contemplative folk tunes at the Horseshoe on April 15, tickets $12 or $15 at the door. Tickets onsale March 10 at 10 am EST. Via Collective Concerts.

Toronto is really almost a second home for Australian indie rock duo An Horse which is fine by me as the band will be returning for a show on April 26, this time at The Garrison. The band's really hitting the road hard through to August. Tour dates at their MySpace.

The Weakerthans/Bahamas bill at Queen Elizabeth Theatre MAY have turned into a two-night stint, because in addition to the already announced May 26 date, a May 27 date is currently listed on I haven't found confirmation of the May 27 date yet so keep your ears peeled.

Los Angeles' Nosaj Thing (who remixed The xx's "islands" and which can be heard at Nosaj Thing's MySpace or be downloaded at Stereogum) opens for The xx and jj at the way-sold-out show at Phoenix Concert Theatre on April 4.

Finally, in the midst of this Oscars Weekend and my thoughts of this coming week's Canadian Music Week, it's with sadness to find out that Sparklehorse's Mark Linous committed suicide. At most I was only a casual listener of his music, having plucked out his debut CD "vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot" from a clearance bin in the mid to late 90's and only picking up his 2001 album "It's a Wonderful Life" within the last five years. It's sad that it takes the passing of an artist, to realize who we've lost.

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