Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Counting Down the Hours

  • Another Ted Leo update at his official site. He's tracked the following songs:

    - Heart Problems
    - Counting Down the Hours
    - Bettter Dead Than Lead
    - Shake the Sheets
    - Me and Mia

    Ted has mentioned that he has posted a couple of demos, but there is a Flash problem that is preventing access. I can't wait to hear the new songs!

  • A recent update at the Luna site, fuzzywuzzy.com, mentions that the Galaxie 500 DVD "Don't Let Our Youth Got To Waste" can be pre-ordered, with the first 500 pre-orders coming with a FREE limited edition yellow-vinyl 7" which includes the songs "Snowstorm" b/w "Pictures" Live at Club Lingerie, LA March 30, 1990. It's a promotional single and will not be available for sale ANYWHERE. (Just a note to Canadians and international customers: I went through the online checkout process, and there was only one shipping method available which added a whopping $14.99 US to the price of the DVD which is $22.00 US...with the exchange rate, it would cost me at least $50 CDN...I think I'll pass for now)

    If you like, you can pre-order it here.

  • Vit Wagner of The Toronto Star today has an article on Jeff Tweedy's emergence from rehab for addiction to pain killers. It's good to read that Jeff's doing very well now, as expressed by a couple of quotes from him like "I just have so much energy. It's just great. It just feels effortless now." and "I can't believe how much better I feel".

  • The official Metric site has a brand new look!

  • Michael Moore is at it again.

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