Sunday, May 09, 2004

"Don't Mess With The Death Cab"

  • article: Toronto Star: Why The O.C. sounds so good to us: Non-mainstream music peps up mainstream TV

  • mp3: The Guided By Voices site recently announced the release of Robert Pollard's newest solo album entitled 'Fiction Man' [#30 in the Fading Captain series]. An mp3 of the song 'Their Biggest Win' is available for download. Another winner!

  • tour diary:The Belle and Sebastian 'Diary' section was recently updated with Stuart's thoughts of life on tour. I haven't made it through his most recent post dated May 4, 2004 which covers the month of April and up to May 1. However, his post dated May 3 is quite the charmer, as he reveals his crush for Christina Ricci! Good taste my man! He also comments on jumping on stage in an animal costume during The Flaming Lips Coachella set!