Saturday, May 08, 2004

Modern Nature

  • I'm still trying to gather the strength to write up a rundown of my trip to California. I estimate sometime next week I'll be able to post some thoughts. At least I've unpacked my luggage and started to weed out some of my digital camera pics which weren't up to snuff[ie. the pics which came out crappy]. I'm still thinking whether I should be complaining or be thankful for the rainy weather this weekend[in the Toronto area]; that heatwave in California since April 29/04 was just brutal.

  • Boohoo :-( ... the Sondre Lerche show today at the Horseshoe is sold out! And speaking of Mr. Lerche, according to his web site, he will be performing on Late Night With Conan O'Brien on May 11, 2004, so don't forget [something which I tend to do alot!].

  • In the meantime, check out Ted Leo's site as he continues to post his thoughts of his late-winter 2004 tour through the U.S. [I'm still waiting for his thoughts on the March 25/2004 Toronto date!; as of today he's only posted his thoughts for his gigs up to March 17, 2004]