Sunday, June 06, 2004

Festival Circuit

  • So the NXNE festival is this week in Toronto. The festival has stayed true to the spirit of showcasing little known bands which is commendable. The problem(for me at least) is the bands are a little too unknown which makes it difficult to choose who to see. However, NXNE has a bunch of showcases that I'm interested in checking out. I might be checking any one or more of the following[info cut and paste from eye]:

      - Thr June 10: NXNE Six Shooter Night
      FINLAND Yep Roc Surf ‘LAIKA & THE COSMONAUTS’ @1:00, OTTAWA’s ‘JIM BRYSON’ @12:00, ‘Remains Of Brian Borchedt’ @11:00, ‘Luke Doucet’ @10:10, ‘Ford Pier’ @9:20 & ‘NQ Arbuckle’ @8:30. $7.00 or Free with NxNE Laminate or Wristband. 8:00 PM Doors. -

      - Sat June 12: NXNE CBC Radio 3 Night
      Ian Blurton’s ‘C’mon’ @1:00, VANCOUVER Mint/604 ‘THE ORGAN’ @12:00, VANCOUVER ‘KINNIE STAR’ @11:00, ‘Brass Munk’ @10:00 & WINNIPEG Warner ‘THE WAKING EYES’ @9:00. $10.00 or Free with NxNE Laminate or Wristband. 8:30 PM Doors.

    • @ LEE'S PALACE
      - Thursday June 10: NXNE Presents Maple Music Uni Alt Folk Rocker in a RARE Club Concert
      ‘SARAH HARMER’ @ 11:00 with ‘Fembots’ @ 10:00 and ‘Ox ‘@ 9:00. $20.00 @ the DOOR ONLY or Free with NxNE Laminate or Wristband. 8:30 PM Doors. 8:00 PM Doors.

      - Friday June 11: NXNE Presents NYC TVT n HALIFAX Warner’s Rock N Roll
      ‘AMBULANCE’ @ 1:00 ‘MATT MAYS AND EL TORPEDO’ @ 12:00, ‘NATHAN WILEY’@11:00, ‘MATTHEW BARBER’ @ 10:00, ‘MARBLE INDEX’ @ 9:00. $10.00 @ the door or Free with NxNE Laminate or Wristband. 8:30 doors

      - Saturday June 12: Toronto’s Original Real 60’s Mod Indie UK Brit Rock-Pop Dance
      ‘BLOW UP’ with the DETROIT’s ‘THE SIGHTS’ @11:00. 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM. (No Entry After 2:00 AM) $6.00

  • Available at The Cardigans Country is The Cardigans' Live at Morning Becomes Eclectic session from May 24, 2004, available in mp3 format. Link from Spookihaus.

  • Has anyone heard Juliana Hatfield's rendition of Dot Allison's "Tomorrow Never Comes" off Juliana's new record "In Exile Deo". It is killer. According to The Covers Project, Juliana performed this song live back in 2000. I'm so glad she released it officially. Any word if the new album is good?

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