Sunday, June 20, 2004

Right Right Now Now

  • Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs CDI just picked up the Beastie Boys new CD "To The 5 Boroughs" and so after three songs, my impression of it is very good. It just oozes old school influences. Special mention for the super awesome CD packaging as it is reminiscent of the "Paul's Boutique" gatefold design! This is what hip hop should be. 40-something year olds and still going strong. The only thing that sucks is that the disc contains 'Copy Control Technology' which doesn't allow me to use Winamp or other audio software to play it on my computer; the disc has a built in player which installs itself on your computer. So the Beasties are performing tonight on the Muchmusic Video Awards and this afternoon when they were being interviewed by 102.1 The Edge, the Beasties mentioned they'll be coming for a show in Toronto in September. Looking forward to that!

  • Liisa Ladouceur of Eye gives props to the Uncut, controller.controller and Death From Above show at Comfort Zone on June 12, 2004 as the best show of the NXNE festival, which in actuality wasn't even part of the festival. She goes on to write, "If it's true that an NME reporter was in attendance shadowing Death From Above, expect most of those blissed-out, sweaty faces in the room to be quoted about 'the new Seattle,' saying 'I was there in 2004!'" If there was an NME reporter there I hope he or she caught controller.controller's and Uncut's fantastic sets. Nothing better than good music from your own backyard.

    ps. Was listening to Uncut's CD today and something familiar about "Taken In Sleep"(track 6) was itching me for a while. Then I finally realized. It reminds me alot of Versus: the ringing guitars, the somewhat dead-pan vocals, the melodic sensibility. Anyone agree?

  • MP3: Keep an eye out at the Broken Social Scene Forum for links to live Broken Social Scene sets in mp3 format. The current link is to a show the band did in Ottawa in December 2002, but the same guy that posted that show will be posting a 2003 show in the near future.

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