Monday, June 07, 2004

Thrilled To Be Here

  • Scott Pilgrim, Vol I cover, courtesy of Oni Press siteI got an interesting e-mail from the Plumtree Yahoo! Group. The list's been quite dormant since Plumtree broke up several years ago but every now and then someone posts a message. [I also never got around to unsubbing from the group.] However, to summarize, this guy Bryan Lee O’Malley is creating a series of graphic novels entitled Scott Pilgrim named after the Plumtree song. I'm not much of a comic book fan but I may just check it out. As the Oni Press site describes the series, "SCOTT PILGRIM follows the title character through Toronto and the subspace freeway in his own head as he practices with his rock band, dates a high school girl, goes to parties, and tries to woo the literal girl of his dreams." ...Hey, I doubt I'd be checking this out if there were no connection to Plumtree. Whatever it takes, I guess.

    If you, want to read the original e-mail, click here.

    Check out the press release for the series at the Oni Press site.

  • some late-night television musical guest reminders[info courtesy of The Late Night TV Page]:

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