Wednesday, June 16, 2004

NXNE - Day 3: This is the beautiful friends

  • Tangiers w/ Death From Above, controller.controller, Uncut, 'some all-girl garage rock band'Magneta Lane @ Comfort Zone (NOT part of NXNE), Saturday June 12, 2004

    Magneta Lane @ Comfort Zone(June 12, 2004): photo by Mike LigonThis was, by far, one of the best local bills ever! This gig was NOT part of NXNE. However, considering 1) that most of the bands on the bill have been getting varying levels of hype and success, and 2) the venue WAS accepting NXNE wristband holders into the show, this could easily have been the best NXNE showcase of the festival. The fact that it was OUTSIDE of the festival gave it an extra cool quotient.

    The first band of the night, coming on at around 11 pm, was an all-girl trio on bass, drums and guitar, with main vocals provided by the guitarist. The girls provided some eye candy as they were dressed in short skirts, but it was more 'Debbie Harry', than anything else. I didn't catch their name and I'm not sure if they're from Toronto. Their music is in the vein of garage rock with hints of riot-grrl. There's an element of amateurism in their musicianship(eg. simple guitar riffs/licks, uncomplicated but energetic drumming, straightforward bass lines) but they played fairly tight. The stage was drenched in red light, and although I did take one pic with my digital camera, I didn't use my flash. But doesn't it look cool anyway? And if anyone knows the band's name, drop a comment my way. TIA. [click here for enlarged version of photo above.]

    Uncut @ Comfort Zone(June 12, 2004): photo by Mike LigonBy the way, Comfort Zone, is a pretty bare-bones establishment. It seemed like a grungy banquet hall more than anything else, rather than a club, although there were chairs and tables scattered throughout the venue. The stage itself was slightly raised off the floor, but the best view was definitely front and center. It was a fairly brief between set wait when the next band, Uncut, took the stage. Unfortunately, I didn't get front and center for their set and ended up watching from stage left. I had never heard their music, but I was pretty sure I had heard their name floating around in the music stratosphere somewhere. My high expectations panned out because Uncut were such a gem of a discovery. I can only say they're my new current favourite band. These guys definitely owe a debt to Joy Division and New Order, not only in the dead-pan vocals, but in their melodic sensibility. The first couple of songs were so reminisent of Joy Division/New Order that I had to think twice whether they were playing cover songs. There was a gradual progression in their set towards a noisier guitar rock sound, albeit still with the melodic sensibility they displayed earlier on in their set. Their CD, "THOSE WHO WERE HUNG HANG HERE" on Paperbag Records, which I purchased a couple of days ago, has been getting constant rotation in my car CD player. Listen to track 6. It's awesome. And I knew I recognized the bassist. It's Derek Tokar, who used to have a band called Radioblaster. That was so 1995. It's good to see he's still in the music game. Their set drew an appreciative response from the audience. Hope these guys go to bigger and better things. [check out my photos.]

    controller.controller @ Comfort Zone(June 12, 2004): photo by Mike LigonController.controller were up next. Considering that the band has only one EP to their name, that I've heard their songs on CD many times and I've seen the band now three times live, counting that night, I'm still in amazement how fresh the band sounds. Call it death-disco, post punk, what have you, but it's all good. As usual, front-woman, Nirmala, was her danceable self, as she sexily grooved to the throbbing bass, scratchy guitars and beat-heavy drumming. Nirmala, in black healed boots, fish net stockings, and apparently a "Say No To Drugs" t-shirt creatively turned into a one shoulder top, looked attractive and the rest of the band also had a keen sense of style. Put the band on the cover of a magazine, because this band looks good! There wasn't alot of stage banter but the band maintained the energy level in the room by keeping the music coming. I think they played a new song and I definitely remember liking it alot. They're definitely the most FUN band in Toronto at the moment, so please support them and buy their 'History' EP or go see them live. Also thanks to Nirmala for letting me take the set-list at the end of the night! [check out my photos.]

    Unfortunately, my friend and I didn't stay for Death From Above and Tangiers. I've seen both bands before but I just wasn't in the mood for them that night. Three nights of concerts catches up to a guy.

  • Stay tuned for reviews of the Franz Ferdinand show @ Kool Haus, Monday June 14, 2004 and the Tina Dico show @ El Mocambo on June 15, 2004. Later my babies.

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