Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We Carry On

PortisheadComing up on April 11, Bristol trip-hop pioneers Portishead will be performing 8 songs from their third album "Third"(released in Canada April 29) for current.com [thanks to The Music Slut for the info]. It won't be the same as seeing them live like at this year's Coachella(no, I'm not going, btw). The band revealed to NME recently that they're divided about touring - Beth is nervous about playing live, Geoff Hates playing live and Adrian loves it - but given their scheduled Coachella and UK dates, North America can't be far off. I don't expect they'll be playing venues like Trinity St. Paul's in Toronto like they did way back when[the show I think I most regret not seeing] but I'm unsure how big of a venue they could fill. Kool Haus and Massey Hall for sure, maybe Ricoh Coliseum but I'm not sure if they could fill the Air Canada Centre. I hope that Portishead do come to Toronto and play their own headlining show but an appearance at this year's Virgin Festival at Toronto Islands this September might not be a bad thing either. The new album's out in Canada on April 29 and I've resisted downloading any leaks but I've noticed that all the songs on the new album are streaming over at YouTube. I've sampled but not completely absorbed everything but it's dark and haunting and a logical extension of where they left off. It's not trip-hop, mind you, and I'm glad of it, but the rhythm's are still there. You know you can't resist[photo above from MTV UK]:

YouTube: Portishead - "Silence"
YouTube: Portishead - "Hunter"
YouTube: Portishead - "Nylon Smile"
YouTube: Portishead - "The Rip"
YouTube: Portishead - "Plastic"
YouTube: Portishead - "We Carry On"
YouTube: Portishead - "Deep Water"
YouTube: Portishead - "Machine Gun" (music video)
YouTube: Portishead - "Small"
YouTube: Portishead - "Magic Doors"
YouTube: Portishead - "Threads"
MySpace: Portishead

Pitchfork has an interview with Portishead which I have to catch up on.

Toronto's InsideAMind are releasing their debut 12"(highlighting two tracks off their forthcoming Scatterpopia LP and they'll be hosting a record release party at The Boat on May 1[via Stille Post]. I caught them live during the Nuit Blanche festival at The Music Gallery last year and thought their turntablism sounds were very reminiscent of Portishead's Geoff Barrow.

Not as influential to Portishead, but perhaps more to Bristol's Massive Attack, legendary dub reggae artist Lee "Scratch" Perry will be at Harbourfront on June 30, according to Pollstar.

Any having nothing whatsover to do with Portishead, UK pop duo The Ting Tings will be at The Mod Club on June 16, tickets $13.50.

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