Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Concert Announcements / Music News (August 19, 2009)

Apologize for the lack of posts lately, but who says you haven't been getting along fine without me. Family's been taking much of my time lately with my father's 75th and my nephew's 18th birthdays being celebrated last weekend with a big bash and my 12-year old nephew and his little sister leaving today for Italy for a month. And then of course work's been busy. I'm thankful that summer's finally arrived and I hope to make the most of what remains of it before Labour Day rolls. It's also been one of those weeks where I've been pondering the future of this here blog. Posting once a week feels wholely insufficient. At the same time, I don't necessarily have the time nor want to devote all my time to this blog when of course there are other things in life. Concert reviews remain the crux of the content but writing up reviews and processing photos and posting them online in a timely manner continues to be difficult to do, especially weeks when I have several shows. During my concert-going down-time, I'm finding hard to get motivated to write about anything. Album reviews? Artist profiles? Concert announcements? Music news? The latter two I'll probably continue to post about occasionally although sometimes it seems a little redundant when resources like Stille Post are around. The former two, I hope to post more frequently of but I'll likely keep things simple and concise - many days I'd rather be listening to music than writing about it but if I fancy any new music I hope to write a few good sentences about it. I recently got my new iPhone 3GS so I hope to stay connected to the Internet more frequently. So I'll see how things go from here on in. I'll play it by ear. Wish me luck.

Filing under maybe - I'll - finally - make - it - to - a - British - music - festival - next - summer, NME reports that Pete Doherty says The Libertines' plans to reunite for UK festival gigs next summer hoping that member Carl Barat will soon agree. Their debut album "Up The Bracket" has been getting a lot of play on my iPod in my car this summer.

No plans are on the horizon for a New Order reunion but member Bernard Sumner doesn't seem to care as his new band Bad Lieutenant have released their debut single online as NME reports. The track 'Sink Or Swim" can be heard at the band's MySpace. The band's debut album "Never Cry Another Tear" will be released on October 5.

According to the Facebook event page, Junior Boys are at Tattoo Rock Parlour on August 25. The Facebook event page says it's a live set. Sorry I don't have any ticket info. Also related to the band, their track 'Dull To Pause' is Starbucks' iTunes pick of the week - you can pick up a promo card at participating stores. Update: A closer look at the JPEG of the gig poster on the Facebook event page indicates that Junior Boys are doing a DJ set - I thought so since a live gig would have probably been better advertised.

Via Chromewaves, Hope Sandoval long-awaited return to Toronto will be at The Mod Club on October 7 in support of her and her band The Warm Inventions' new album "Through The Devil Softly" being released September 29.

And given Chromewaves positive response to Micachu & The Shapes' show at the El Mocambo last month, I'm tempted to check out the return performance when Micachu plays Lee's Palace on September 29. (ps. not sure of this show anymore since the date on the MySpace has mysteriously disappeared - although the cached version of the MySpace clearly indicates the Toronto date and a bunch of other North American dates which are now no longer listed) Update: Thanks for Frank in the comments for pointing out that Micachu's tour dates have been cancelled. Dang.

The Stranglers' frontman Hugh Cornwell plays The Mod Club on September 17 in support of his new album "Hooverdam" being released September 8.

In support of their upcoming third album scheduled for release this November, NYC's The Bravery play The Opera House on October 6.

Pitchfork reports that UK electronic-dance act Basement Jaxx have scheduled some North American dates including a date in Toronto on November 3 at a venue called Century Room which I've Google-d is located at 580 King Street West, apparently a nightclub.

The Sadies play the Horseshoe on September 12, tickets $15.

The Antlers(who'd I caught recently opening for Frightened Rabbit at the Horseshoe) return for a show at the Horseshoe on September 24, tickets $10.50. The band just released their new album "Hospice" through Frenchkiss Records.

The Avett Brothers bring their hurtin' Americana to town for a show at the Horseshoe on September 30, tickets $17.50.

Albertan Corb Lund brings his own hurtin' country music when he returns to town for a two-night stint at the Horseshoe on Oct 22-23, tickets $20 each.

Congrats to Toronto's Little Girls who'll release their debut album "Concepts" through Paper Bag Records on October 13. They'll open for psycho garage outfit Monotonix at Velvet Underground on October 7.

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