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Concert Announcements / Music News (August 28, 2009)

Sorry again for the lack of updates. Summer's just about coming to an end. We're all shedding a tear or two I'm sure. At least I have Virgin Festival @ Molson Ampitheatre to look forward to this weekend. Fortunately, I got a reviewers pass - I was a little disappointed to not get a photo pass but I'm over it(ok, maybe I'm lying a bit) - it seems like I'll probably be at the mainstage a lot, although I'm looking forward to The Rural Alberta Advantage's headlining set at the Boardwalk Stage at 9:10 pm - yes I will gladly miss some of Ben Harper and The Relentless 7's set on the mainstage for RAA.

To get you in an RAA mood, RAA's Nils Edenloff performed a solo acoustic session for Luxury Wafers. Check out the exclusive videos and mp3's.

If it weren't for the Pixies going on at Virgin Festival on August 29 at 7:40 pm I'd probably have considered scooting on over to the CNE and checking out Tokyo Police Club at the Bandshell at 7:30 pm. But maybe you should.

If I haven't run out of steam after Virgin Festival concludes on Sunday night(August 30), perhaps I'll scoot down to The Boat whose lineup will feature Secretly Canadian's Throw Me The Statue, Sub Pop's The Brunettes and Dead Ocean's Nurses. Via Stille Post.

Also on August 30 is another edition of Wavelength at Sneaky Dee's featuring some nice lounge pop from Maylee and Pegwee Power!!! at 12 am, as well some indie-folk from The Weather Station at 11 pm and Wilderness of Manitoba at 10 pm. Also via Stille Post.

Happening tonight is the Friends In Bellewoods II (CD compilation of some of the city and country's best musical artists - check out Narratives for more info) show happening at Lee's Palace with Bocce, Ohbijou (special set with guests), Forest City Lovers, and Evening Hymns. Tickets $15 at the door and music starts at 9:30 pm.

If you aren't going to Virgin Festival on Saturday(Aug 30) why not check out the all-day Friends In Bellewoods II show happening at Tranzac starting at 12:10 pm. There's also a BBQ! The set-times for this shindig are as follows:

12:10 – Bruce Peninsula
12:45 – Kate Rogers
1:20 – Great Bloomers
1:55 – Sylvie Smith's Country Band
2:30 – Sebastien Grainger
3:05 – The Low Notes
3:40 – The Phonemes
4:15 – Tusks
4:50 – Canadian Wildlife
5:25 – The Cutting Edge (mmbrs of the Wooden Sky and Ohbijou)
6:00 – Dinghies (Stringer/WAMO/Ohbijou)
6:35 – Kite Hill
7:10 – Bellewoods
7:45 – Lisa Bozikovic
8:20 – Kids On TV
8:55 – Emma McKenna
9:30 – Germans
10:05 – Snowblink
10:40 – The Acorn

Another indication of summer coming to an end are the announcements for the various University orientation events going on over the next several weeks. Playing Ryerson University's annual orientation concert at Toronto Islands on the afternoon of September 9 will be Girl Talk and K'naan. I'm not sure how easy it is to crash this but it's worth a try. K'naan is a busy beaver this year and he'll also be playing York University's Yorkfest orientation concert on September 23 along with The Stills, Snow, Rival Boys, Affinity and DJ Manifest. Yorkfest apparently is hard to get in to if you are not alumni or a student. University of Toronto's orientation concert which is scheduled to take place Friday September 4 at the school's back campus apparently announced the lineup but haven't yet updated their website. Anyone know? I've checked this out a few times over the last several years and it's definitely crash-able - no barriers whatsoever.

On Saturday September 5, at a location to be announced [to be announced on September 4 to ticketholders only] the music lineup will feature Final Fantasy, Gowns, Huckleberry Friends, Wyrd Visions, and Carl Didiur. Starts at 7 pm with Carl and Final Fantasy will end things off by 11 pm. An afterparty is promised at 11:30 pm at a bar in a nearby strip mall. Tickets are only available IN ADVANCE for $10 at Rotate This and Soundscapes. Final Fantasy's new album "Heartland" is set for release in early 2010 - oh and congrats on him signing to Domino Records in the UK. Mr. Pallett coincidentally produced a few tracks on Pet Shop Boys newest album "Yes" - Pet Shop Boys are the penultimate act of Day Two(Aug 30) of Virgin Festival in Toronto at Molson Ampitheatre.

I've yet to check out a single instore at Criminal Records in Toronto but perhaps I'll get to one soon. Daredevil Christopher Wright plays an instore tomorrow August 28 at around 6 pm (nice-sounding melodic indie rock) and Cuff The Duke play an instore on September 8 (celebrating the release of their new album "Way Down Here" that same day) - for the moment you can hear Cuff The Duke's new album here.

Joe Pernice performs a session for the Interface. Mr Pernice will play a show at Dakota Tavern on September 10.

Toronto's Everything All The Time are interviewed over at The Singing Lamb. They played yesterday at the Horseshoe. I didn't go. I suck. Frank did. Look for his review.

Someone may have already mentioned this but I'll mention it anyway - Osaka, Japan's Shonen Knife play the Horseshoe Tavern on October 18, tickets $15.50 in advance. More tour dates over at the gals' MySpace. The girls' newest album is entitled "Super Group" and was just released this week in North America through Good Charamel Records.

MP3: Shonen Knife - "Super Group"
Video: Shonen Knife - "Super Group"

As a recent Wilco mailing list update indicates August 27 saw the release of the hi-fi vinyl reissue of Wilco's "Summerteeth". Similar reissues will follow for "A.M" in September and "Being There" in October. Each vinyl reissue is of 180-gram quality coming in a gatefold sleeve and including a copy of the full album on CD. You can preorder all 3 in a special bundle here. Wilco are touring this fall and are in Toronto for a two-night stint at Massey Hall on October 14-15...I'll be at the second show, Left Centre Balcony, Row F. Should be stellar.

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