Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Better Weather

The Heavy Blinkers at BBC Radio OxfordThe Heavy Blinkers performed a live session and were interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford on December 3, 2005. Listen to the interview where you get to hear the 'Blinkers' impressions of England including that a) everyone there smokes and b) that the service industry there(eg. waiters) are poor listeners. ;-) Listen to the live session here(the interview starts about a half hour into the program with the performance right after; please note this link[ie. the Dec 3rd program] is only active for a week). Also check out some UK tour photos over at their blog starting with the November 17th, 2005 post.

i(heart)music posts his list of The Seven Best EPs of 2005.

a soundtrack for everyone has a song-by-song review of Toronto's Ninja High School's "Young Adults Against Suicide".

From Blown Speakers has a thoughtful album retrospective(including some mp3 downloads) for Scotland's Idlewild.

Waved Rumor has links to a couple of interesting Christmas CD mixes to help you get a start on your own mixes.

According to The Diableros' website, they have some upcoming Toronto shows including:

  • December 13th @ The Speakeasy with The Patients and Grassy Knoll & The Magic Bullit

  • December 22nd @ The Silver Dollar with Uncut, Nick Flanagan, Dan Burke, Davy Love and more

  • January 14th @ The Horseshoe Tavern with We Are Scientists and The Oxford Collapse

  • Brooklynvegan reports that The Pogues are scheduled for a brief US tour this coming March, which reminds does anyone know when Stars' cover of The Pogues' "Fairytale of New York" is suppose to be released? According to this older Pitchfork news item, it was suppose to be a b-side to the "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" single in the UK, although I can't find any info about when that single will be released. I would have thought that RIGHT NOW would have been a perfect time to release the single since the Christmas season's upon us.

    Taking potshots at James Blunt is way too easy, but also way too pleasurable.

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