Sunday, June 04, 2006

Do What You Wanna Do, Say What You Wanna Say

Acid House KingsWhen a post over at Stille Post raised the possibility of Swedish indiepop group Acid House Kings coming to Toronto, I was really excited. Apparently a person(Clyde) from the band's US record label Twenty Seven Records, had posted a while back on MySpace that he was in the midst of putting together a brief US tour for the band and had expressed Toronto as a possible stop, since he heard there was some interest from people in Toronto; he even asked if people in Toronto could contact him with info to make a Toronto stop a reality. I'm assuming, not much help was offered because unfortunately, dates for the band's upcoming short North American tour have been confirmed, and Toronto didn't make the cut. Damn. The following tour date info is from the band's website[and forgive me for the lateness of this info but it was posted on their website just before I went to Vancouver and I didn't get around to checking it out until now; in any case I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else]. Not quite road-trip worthy, but I'm hoping a Toronto date will come through in the end:

Acid House Kings - 2006 US Summer Tour

July 6: Chicago, IL (at Lakeshore Theatre)
July 7: Detroit, MI
July 8: New York, NY (at The Cake Shop)
July 9: Brooklyn, NY (at North 6)
July 10: Cambridge, MA (at TT The Bear's)
July 11: Washington, DC (at DC Nine)
July 12: Philadelphia, PA (at Kensington South Forum)

Listen: Acid House Kings @ MySpace (recommendation: "Do What You Wanna Do")

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