Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Strait Is The Gate

Ok, I made the unfortunate remark of saying in my review of The Hylozoists' set at Horseshoe Tavern on Saturday June 17, 2006 that I unfortunately didn't feel their music that night, although that was partly due to the music not translating well in that venue. I saw The Hylozoists perform a brief intimate instore at Soundscapes in Toronto yesterday and I'm glad to report that it was so much better. There's something about seeing them up close, especially the intricate xylophone and vibraphone arrangements, which made me appreciate the music so much more. Performing songs off their just-released-yesterday new CD "La Fin Du Monde" it was a riveting set that drew passerbys into the store and drew a enthusiastic response from the crowd. Listen to tracks at their MySpace site and go buy the new album too.

-> photos from the instore

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