Sunday, June 11, 2006

NXNE 2006

mementos from my NXNE 2006 experience

Over the last 3 nights and this afternoon, I saw fifteen bands in total(none of which were crap) and two excellent music documentaries - all with my $28 NXNE wristband. Opinions are still filtering in but I'd say that this year's NXNE was great. The key to making the most out of NXNE(or any music festival for that matter) is researching the artists/bands beforehand and picking out the ones that seem interesting. I will state for the record that MySpace is a music fan's best friend. Also, nothing beats doing NXNE by TTC(using a MetroPass or day pass, of course); the mad rush of dashing from venue to venue by TTC streetcar is totally exhilirating. Stayed tune over the next few days for the details and photos.

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