Saturday, December 23, 2006

21st Century Christmas

Jenn Grant will be stopping by Q104 Halifax Christmas Eve to perform a few holiday numbers with Dave Christensen and Andrew Watt of The Heavy Blinkers. Check for it between 9 pm and midnight Christmas Eve, Halifax time of course. You can listen online, FYI. [via Tom's Bloggy Goodness]

In the meantime, Jenn just posted on her MySpace a track of herself performing a lovely acoustic version of "O Holy Night". She points out that she recorded a Christmas E.P. the other night; I hope that sees the light of day in the future.

Also keeping in the spirit of the season, Saint Etienne performed their own holiday show the other night, in London[UK] if i'm not mistaken. They were apparently giving away a Christmas single to attendees, and here are those songs[in Quicktime format only, unfortunately]:

Saint Etienne - "21st Century Christmas"
Saint Etienne - "Through the Winter"

Now, how about coming back to tour North America[and of course Toronto], already?

Ok, off to last minute Christmas shopping!

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