Saturday, December 02, 2006

I Know You Too Well

Museum PiecesYay to the East Coast. Someday I'd like to visit the Maritimes(Halifax in particular) - I've heard it's beautiful. The East Coast has it's share of great artists and I'd like to start off by recommending Halifax's Museum Pieces. I saw them perform at this year's NXNE back in June on the recommedation of NOW who gave their debut CD "Philadelphia" (released through Youth Club) four stars and I will extend that recommendation to you. Their set during NXNE was great. At that point they were already performing as the guitar/drums duo that they currently exist as, a rockier contrast to the piano-based indie-folkiness of the material I'd heard off of "Philadelphia". Stay tuned because I'll probably be doing a more elaborate post on Museum Pieces in the future. For the moment, I will inform you that Museum Pieces are on the road for a cross country tour and will be in Toronto for the following show:

Jan 20 2007 @ The Mod Club(Toronto) opening for Matt Mays

Museum Pieces @ MySpace [check out new tracks "Eye Of My Mind", "If Looks Could Kill"]
Museum Pieces @ New Music Canada
Museum Pieces - Supersonic EPK
I've recently mentioned my love for Prince Edward Islander Jenn Grant's music who I'd previously mentioned will be coming to Ontario(including Toronto) for several shows in December. Her MySpace site shows her revised Ontario tour date schedule as follows:

Dec 10 2006 8:30A @ Holy Joe's(Toronto) w/ Reily + TBA
Dec 12 2006 9:00A (with The Night Painters) @ The Drake(Toronto) w/DTWB + TBA
Dec 13 2006 10:00A (with The Night Painters) @ The Casbah(Hamilton) w/DTWB + TBA
Dec 14 2006 9:00P @ The Supermarket(Toronto)
Dec 15 2006 8:00P @ Alex P. Keaton(London) w/Hey Rosetta! DWTB
Dec 16 2006 10:00P @ Jimmy Jazz(Guelph) w/DWTB, Hey Rosetta!

The schedule is leaving me in a dilemma. I was originally going to go see The Lemonheads at Lee's Palace on December 12 but according to Chromewaves' sidebar concert list, Jenn's show at The Drake on December 12 will also feature Toronto's Barzin who I'd really like to see live again - I saw Barzin at Holy Joe's during Canadian Music Week and it was a lovely hushed performance akin to Red House Painters. I'll likely try to make Jenn's show at The Supermarket on December 14th but I have a feeling she might only be performing solo that night - I'd really like to catch her performing with a band. I'll either skip The Lemonheads show on the 12th or drive down Hamilton on the 13th to see Jenn. You probably didn't need to know all that.

Jenn Grant @ MySpace
Jenn Grant @ New Music Canada
Finally Joel Plaskett Emergency just completed playing a few Ontario dates although the only recent Toronto appearance was a solo set from Joel at Nathan Phillips Square on November 25th as part of the Calvacade of Lights celebrations when he performed a brief 3-song set. I wasn't there but Rock // Paper // Pixels was and has a lovely photoset. Check it out.

Joel Plaskett Emergency @ MySpace
Joel Plaskett Emergency @ New Music Canada

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