Friday, December 22, 2006

O Christmas Tree

I couldn't be happier that the 250 year-old tree in Oakville, Ontario for which the city was named after, has been saved from being chopped down. You may recall that Sarah Harmer and Ohbijou performed a benefit concert at the Halton Regional Centre Auditorium(the oak tree which stands righ in front of it) on November 5 and apparently they'd raised $12,000 towards the cost of building a road around the tree. Actually, to give credit where credit is due, it was fundraising efforts spearheaded by Oakville 86-year old retired teacher Joyce Burnell in June of this year which really got the ball rolling, raising about $250,0000 dollars in the process. Apparently, they came up short[like $75,000 short of the total needed], but in a surprising move, Oakville City Hall recently decided to absorb this cost. Nothing short of a Christmas miracle(as corny as that sounds, but I'm saying it anyway).

New Arts and Crafts signees Young Galaxy will be at Horseshoe Tavern on January 23.

Apostle of Hustle will begin some local/semi-local residencies in the new year as follows:

- three Wednesdays and a Thursday @ The Rivoli, Toronto: JAN 24, JAN 31, FEB 07, FEB 15
- Saturdays @ The Grad Club, Kingston: JAN 27, FEB 3, FEB 10

The new AoH album, "National Anthem of Nowhere" will be released through Arts & Crafts on February 6, 2007. Listen to a track from the album, "My Sword Hand's Anger."

Final Fantasy will be at the Brigantine Room at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto on February 1, 2007 . Tickets run a meagre $5.00.

Air have updated their website, well sort of. Their new album "Pocket Symphony" will be released March 5, 2007.

Optical Atlas posted a wonderful Elephant 6 Christmas mp3 mix, comprised mostly of songs from the Kindercore compilations, Christmas in Stereo and Christmas Two. Reminds me, I actually have the Christmas In Stereo compilation which I must really dig up and listen to.

Two more shopping days after today. Have fun.

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