Friday, February 23, 2007


I remember this obscure band called um, The Arcade Fire, who I first saw at Pop Montreal in 2003. I liked them enough, and in fact thought their debut EP was one of the finest releases of 2003. I was hoping they'd go places. This is the same band that at one time played Sneaky Dee's and Lee's Palace in Toronto. My second time seeing them live was their early afternoon set at the Sloan-curated Olympic Island show in the summer of 2004. The hype was growing around them in advance of their debut full-length "Funeral" which would be released later that year. By the time 2005 rolled around, they were selling out a 2-night stint at Danforth Music Hall where I was fortunate to catch one of the shows. It's been total madness for a while, and they just sold out a two night stint(May 15-16) at Massey Hall today in what everyone is saying is record time.

My story goes like this for why I don't have tickets to either of the Massey Hall shows. I was all ready prior to noon and on the Massey Hall website. Once noon rolled around, I started manically clicking on either of the days options. I was trying to purchase 3 tickets and my first attempt resulted in seats in the 3rd level gallery. I wasn't happy. Eventually I tried 'best available' and scored 3 tickets on the floor, ROW P, on the left side. My downfall would be that I no longer had a login on the Massey Hall website. I thought I had one because I'd purchase tickets through the site last year for the Wilco show. If I did have a login it was gone now. I didn't even make it through the 'registering new account' process before I lost my reservation on the 3 tickets I'd got. By the time I had my new login set up, there was nothing left. And ditto with Not even single tickets.

According to their tour date schedule, the band has an open date between their May 16 Massey Hall show and their May 18 show in Chicago. Let's start praying now for a third Toronto show on the 17th.

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