Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 Canadian Musicfest Picks (March 12, 2011)


So what will it be tonight for Canadian Musicfest. The garage-punk showcase at Wrongbar looks strong and entertaining - I'll vouch for the 3/4 female Nashville punk outfit Heavy Cream who I saw during CMJ in New York City this past October - crazy, cool vocalist. And Vancouver garage-blues duo The Pack A.D. are also fun to experience. I have a feeling this venue'll be crazy busy. Japan's The Zoobombs always put on a fantastic rock n' roll show and they'll be at The Comfort Zone at 1 am. The music selection that appeals to my tastes are somewhat thin tonight - I don't have that many options for each of the times slots and I just realized I don't even have a 9 pm selection. What I'm almost positive is that I'll be heading to The Mod Club to check out the electro / dancehall / r n'b stylings of Toronto's Bonjay. I only saw two bands yesterday - Montreal's Karkwa and buzzy UK trio Esben and The Witch at Wrongbar, and then ended the night early only because I needed to crash - and I feel like I need to make up for that tonight. Let's do this.

8:00 Alcoholic Faith Mission @ El Mocambo (downstairs)

@ Wrongbar
10:00 The Pack A.D.
11:00 Heavy Cream
12:00 Ty Segall
1:00 Teenanger
2:00 The White Wires

10:00 The Einar Flaa Academy @ Global Village Backpackers

10:00 The Balconies @ Lee's Palace

@ Horseshoe Tavern
10:30 Parlovr
1:30 Rah Rah

@ Silver Dollar
11:00 Neon Windbreaker
12:00 Shortpants Romance
2:00 The Peelies

@ Painted lady
11:00 Kill Krinkle Club
1:00 White White Sisters

@ Rivoli
12:00 The Golden Dogs @ Rivoli
2:00 Fever Fever @ Rivoli

12:00 The Treasures @ The Dakota Tavern

12:00 Terra Lightfoot @ Czehoski

@ Mod Club
12:15 Bonjay
2:30 DVAS

1:00 The Zoobombs @ Comfort Zone

1:00 Kidstreet @ El Mocambo (downstairs)

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