Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Canadian Musicfest - Aidan Knight @ Church Of The Holy Trinity, Toronto (March 22, 2013)

Aidan Knight: photo by Michael Ligon   Aidan Knight: photo by Michael Ligon

In past years, I'd normally take the Friday off from work just in case I had to recover from a late Thursday night during Canadian Musicfest but this year I was working. That I work in downtown Toronto worked to my advantage as I am down the street from Church Of The Holy Trinity which was featuring noon time sets on a few days during the festival. The noon time sets were hosted by CBC Music. I took a later lunch than usual and headed to the church for Victoria, BC singer songwriter Aidan Knight's 1:30 pm set. A small crowd filled the church's pews to take in the artist's set. He was backed with a band, with members on background vocals, keyboards, drums, violin, and the occasional brass (flugelhorn and trumpet), and Aidan either on guitar or banjo. Mr. Knight's songs were reminiscent of the folk-rock of Toronto's Great Lake Swimmers, both their hushed acoustic melancholia and more uptempo folk-rock. His quieter songs especially took full advantage of the church's exemplary acoustics. It wasn't a revelatory performance at all [God knows that indie-folk / folk-rock bands are a dime a dozen], but it was definitely a good first impression on me. Aidan's most recent full-length, Small Reveal, his second album, was released this past October and you can check it out at his Bandcamp page at the link below.

Photos: Aidan Knight @ Church Of The Holy Trinity, Toronto (March 22, 2013)
Facebook: Aidan Knight
Twitter: Aidan Knight
Bandcamp: Aidan Knight
Video: Aidan Knight - "Singer Songwriter" (Live on Exclaim! TV)

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