Friday, April 26, 2013

Hot Docs 2013 Preview

Hot Docs
  Mistaken From Strangers

Another edition of Toronto's beloved docmentary fim festival Hot Docs Just began yesterday but kicks in to full gear today. And I haven't really taken a gander at the schedule at all. No media accreditation this year so what ever I see this year will be on my own dime, but the festival has graciously given me access to screeners of some of the music documentaries, which I'm very appreciative so expect to see reviews of those in the future. With the Toronto International Film Festival, Hot Docs and the numerous smaller film festivals that Toronto plays host to, it's a great city to be a film fan. For much of my life I was very much a music fan but when it came to films I was very random, watching anything from whatever was coming out of Hollywood to the odd indie / art film. But over the the last 6 years (especially due to TIFF, but also due in no small part to great television programming which has become much more story-based) I think I'm slowly gravitating to film.  One of the docs I'm hoping to catch is one by Alan Zweig who's best known for Vinyl his introspective examination on the subject of vinyl record collectors. His new one is called 15 Reasons To Live, and is collaborative effort between Zweig and author Ray Robertson, the pair who started out as neighborhood acquaintances and is based on Roberton's book Why Not? Fifteen Reasons to Live. Music for me has always for the most part been about in-the-now ie. what mood / emotions I'm currently feeling. Documentaries / films go beyond your present state, to being much more expansive, whether it be educational, discovery, or opening one's self up to the realm of human emotions.

Back to the order of business. This is a music blog. Check out the list of music-related documentaries here.

The ones that have piqued my interest are as follows:

Mistaken For Strangers (Director Tom Berninger)
Video: Trailer

The Punk Singer (Director Sini Anderson)
Video: excerpt

Good Ol' Freda (Director Ryan White)
Video: SXSW review

Finding The Funk (Director Nelson George)
Video: SXSW trailer

Downloaded (Director Alex Winter)
Video: Trailer

Alias (Director Michelle Latimer)
Video: Trailer  

Muscle Shoals (Director Greg 'Freddy' Camalier)
Video: Trailer

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