Thursday, February 19, 2004


  • movie review: 50 First Dates

    Let's start off by saying that this is a very charming film. I've always had a thing for Drew Barrymore; she has the same sort of likability as someone like Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan. I think she's found her niche in films such as this newest one and Charlie's Angels. Adam Sandler although has always been hit and miss. He's annoying as hell sometimes(Little Nicky) but sometimes really funny such as in Mr. Deeds and (and it comes as no surpise) in The Wedding Singer, in which he also co-starred with Drew Barrymore. The premise of this newest film is that Drew Barrymore's character Lucy suffers from short-term memory loss(as a result of a car accident about a year before) and basically starts each new day with a clean slate not remembering what had happened the day before. Lucy's father and brother have chosen to ease the burden of her existence by renacting the day of which her accident took place, which happened to be the day of her father's birthday and is the last point in her memories which she can remember. So Lucy goes about each day as she would have on the original day, by having breakfast at the local restaurant, from which she would then go to meet her father for their annual birthday tradition. It is on one of these days that Adam Sandler's character Harry spots Lucy in the restaurant and is won over. [Adam Sandler's character at the beginning of the movie is portrayed as a non-committal womanizer, although surprisingly a likable guy regardless.] Harry and Lucy meet that day and gain a mutual liking for each other. They decide to meet for breakfast the day after. Harry waits for Lucy the next morning at the restaurant, but when she arrives and he proceeds to greet her, to his astonishment she has no recollection of him. Harry is made aware of her condition by the restaurant owner and it is at this point the film really takes off. Harry proceeds each day to attempt to win Lucy's heart: this is the premise of the movie's title. Harry's success each day in having Lucy fall in love with him(at least not find him repulsive) varies each day. There's a lot of hilarious moments; some of the scenes with Harry's friend played by Rob Schneider are downright bellyachingly funny! But alongside the moments of hilarity are touching and tender moments. 50 First Dates is a simple and effective romantic comedy that gains even more credibillity for it's non-idealistic yet happy ending.

  • Yahoo! Sports: NBA: San Antonio 86, Toronto 82 Went to the Toronto Raptors game yesterday at the Air Canada Centre with my sister and two nephews who had an extra ticket. Raptors actually managed to actually play well, and with a little help ie. Tim Duncan's way-off night on the free throw line, the Raptors actually managed to lead for most of the game. But then Chris Bosh went down and then Vince Carter hit the floor hard.

  • Pitchfork: Shins to appear on Gilmore Girls - Gilmore Girls is actually a good show. The mother and daughter relationship stuff I can handle and I think the shows works best when they stay away from 'Dawson Creek' relationships territory. I must admit that I get giddy when there are indie rock references on the show, mostly from character 'Lane Kim' played by cutie Keiko Agena. The Shins on the show is just icing on the cake!

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