Wednesday, February 04, 2004

"So What'cha Want "

  • dotmusic: "The Beastie Boys are reportedly putting the finishing touches on their first new album in five years." As the article states, the new record is "all hip-hop". I have full confidence in their artistic endeavours at this stage of their lives but at some point I just can't see the Beastie Boys performing 'Sabatoge' when they're 50 years old. But I'm psyched for the new album, and a little nostalgic for the days of yore, when they would be releasing their album under their own imprint Grand Royal which is no more :-(.

  • MP3's: I received an e-mail from the mailing list which is devoted to the British band Gene:

    "Hello Gene Fans!

    From next Monday (9th), there shall be an Gene 'acoustic' week at
    the 'Never Walk Again' site.
    Whats this?
    Well it will be different MP3's avaliable to download each night
    from various Gene acoustic sessions from over the years.
    Each individual MP3 will be avaliable for 1 day only and will run
    from Mon - Sun.

    Please keep this message as a reminder as i will probably forget to
    send another one before the time!

    Take Care,

    Yes, this band is still around, they released a swell record "Libertine" a couple of years ago, and is still touring. In order to have access to the mp3's you'll have to sign up to the group through Yahoo! I can't wait till next week!

  • MP3's, part II: Surf to Bradley's Almanac, and check out the almanac mp3 of the week, as well as some full live sets(currently of Fugazi and Unwound) available for download.

  • Sports: NBA.COM: The 2004 NBA All-Star reserves were announced yesterday. Check out the complete rosters.

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