Monday, February 16, 2004

The Popcorn Report

  • Maybe it's the February blahs, but lately I've been thinking of going on a major movie binge: going to the theatre, watching the pile of DVD's and VHS cassettes that I've purchased over the last year or so but have not watched yet, and eagerly anticipating all the cool movies that should be coming out over the next several months.

    Over the weekend, I got to watch the trailers(on the web) for the following films:

    • Dawn of the Dead - This reminds me of 28 Days Later but I suspect that this one will be alot creepier(in a good way!). What really excites me is that Sarah Polley is in this one which I'm hoping lends some credibility to this film: read - I'm hoping that this film isn't cheesy.

    • Van Helsing - After seeing the poster for this film at the movie theatre, I had originally thought this was a sequel to Underworld because Kate Beckinsale's also in this one. However, I believe this is a totally different story. Considering the inclusion of Dracula, the Werewolf and Frankenstein, the concept is very interesting, in the same vein that literary characters were utilized in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Come to think of it, the trailer for Van Helsing displayed the same sort of Hollywood CGI sheen that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had. Is that a good thing? That remains to be seen. [Note: I thought The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was interesting but ultimately a letdown.]

    • Troy - Well Brad Pitts in it. The film reminds me of Gladiator. Mind you, I liked Gladiator and Brad Pitt has been in some good films[Snatch, Seven, Fight Club] but so far I have absolutely no interest in seeing Troy. Go figure.

    Purchased a couple of DVD's today:

    • Ghost World - Picked this one up today for about $12. I could not pass it up. It's a really quirky film and it'll be interesting to compare Scarlett Johannsen's performance in it as compared to her recent performance in Lost in Translation. And it's the first 'adult' role I think I saw Thora Birch in; really amazing performance.

    • So Close - Three beautiful asian women that can kick butt. What's more sexy than that? I think this one played at the Toronto International Film Festival last year or the year before. Also I caught a write up of one of its stars Zhao Wei in the current issue of Giant Robot.

    DVD's/VHS movies I've purchased within the last year or so but still need to watch:

    • Down With Love - I purchased this on a whim. The film I believe takes place in the 50's but rather than portray the wholesome image that films of that period usually did, I've heard it takes a rather modern racy approach to the dialogue. ...What it would be like to hear Doris Day say 'fuck you'.

    • Insomnia - I was tempted to pick this one up[used for about $9.99] after seeing Memento. They're both directed by Christopher Nolan. But then you already knew that.

    • The Virgin Suicides - I never got around to seeing this but was tempted to pick this one up after being so impressed with Sophia Coppola's 'Lost In Translation'. And the musical group Air does the score!

    • Grace of My Heart - This is an older film I never got around to seeing. As far as I know, it concerns a songwriter during the heyday of the Brill Building.

    • Waking Life - It utilizes an interesting animation technique. Oh and I picked this one up really cheap.

    DVD's/VHS movies that I decided to purchase because I thought they were were worth watching again(that I've yet to watch since I've purchased them):

    • A Life Less Ordinary - For those who like their romantic comedies with an edge!

    • Edward Scissorhands - Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder are perfectly paired in this modern romantic fairytale. I think it's one of Tim Burton's best.

    • The X-Files: Fight The Future - Let's just say The X-files was one of my favourite television shows ever! The movie was a fairly good extension of the television show.

    • Memento - This is a truly original film and is a modern classic in my opinion.

  • The BAFTA Film Awards were held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on Sunday, February 15th 2004. Lost In Translation won in the following categories:

  • IGN.COM - FilmForce: The very cinematic television show Angel will be ending after 5 seasons.

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