Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Going Back To Somerville

The Pernice BrothersThere's a a new Pernice Brothers song[mp3] entitled "Somerville" plus its music video available for download over at the band's website. Go here(signing up for their e-mail list is required). The song is from the new Pernice Brothers record "Live a Little" due out in the fall of 2006. The song leans towards a slight country-rock vibe in some of its guitar parts especially which harkens back to Scud Mountain Boys in my opinion. Whoa, fantastic song![photo via indoor fireworks]

A Soundtrack for Everyone reminisces about his early live exposure to The Dears, points the way towards mp3's of songs from the new album, and mentions that the new Dears album "Gang of Losers" will be released through Arts & Crafts in August. That last piece of info is a welcome surprise! Correction: I stand corrected: A & C will be releasing the new Dears full-length in the USA only, like they're doing for The Hidden Cameras new album "Awoo".

The New York Times ponders the state of alt-country[via The Rich Girls Are Weeping]. Chromewaves examines this from his own perspective.

Stage Hymns has a download of Band of Horses performing their song "Funeral" from their July 13, 2006 appearance on Late Night With David Letterman. Update: Here's YouTube video of the performance.

Muchmusic reported that Lupe Fiasco, Muse, Wintersleep, Matt Mays & El Torpedo and The Diableros have been added to the V Fest lineup. The V Fest website is updated with this info as of today. Rumours over at the 905 Board mention something about Radiohead and Beck possibly being added to the lineup. Remember these are only rumours. But exciting ones.

Dan Burke over at Stille Post lists a whole bunch of shows lined up for The Silver Dollar in the coming months, including shows by D'Urbervilles, The Old Soul, Andre Ethier, Frontier Index, and The Creeping Nobodies among others.

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