Sunday, July 17, 2005

Song of The Siren

Siren Music FestivalBrooklynvegan, Out of Focus, One Louder, The Problem of Leisure, and heartonastick[check out the photos of The Dears] have a rundown/photos of day one of the 2005 Siren Music Festival while Spablab, Dip Dip Dive, The Problem of Leisure, You Ain't No Picasso, and Kirstie[check out the Broken Social Scene photos] chime in on day one of the Intonation Music Festival in Chicago. Both festivals are happening over this weekend.

One Louder had a Siren Music Festival-themed post yesterday and linked to audio treats of some of the artists playing the festival you may have not heard of yet. I keep reading that Morningwood is going to be big.

Download a torrent of a live show of Feist at this year's Montreal Jazz Festival. [thanks to Blane over at the Arts & Crafts Broken Telephone forums]

From Blown Speakers has an mp3 download of Broken Social Scene performing "Major Label Debut" during an XFM live session.

Yesterday was a friend of mine's bachelor party. It was a cloudy yet still sweltering, smoggy day and first on the agenda was some paintballing. I've gone paintballing once before in an outdoor environment and had a blast. This time it was an indoor facility with no air conditioning and the visibility was too dark. After two hours, we'd had enough. BTW, I took a direct paintball hit in the chest, and even with coveralls on I still got a minor bruise the size of a chestnut. There was a good turnout for the dinner portion of the bachelor party, which was at a great Chinese buffet restaurant. I bet you can guess where we went after to dinner to end the festivities.

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