Monday, September 11, 2006


Last Friday September 8, Metric and The Weakerthans performed an outdooor show at University of Toronto as part of their Frosh festivities. Both bands seemed genuinely glad to be playing the show. The Weakerthans performed a tight mid-afternoon set. The rock stars that Metric are, I sort of expected them to phone in the performance, but Emily in particular expressed a genuine enthusiasm as she rocked out behind her keyboard. She even apologized jokingly if Metric wasn't the band that the student body voted(or would have voted) to play their Frosh week. As dusk gradually turned into evening Metric's energetic set came to a close. Highlight of the show was definitely a dynamite extended rendition of 'Dead Disco'. Metric might not be as deep or intricate as other artists from the extended BSS-family, but damn if they do not know how to turn it ON for the audience. A piece of advice to the Frosh: if you want an encore, you gotta express it. Turns out the band went behind their tourbus to sign autographs and take photos with their adoring fans, although I'm sure they would have come out for an encore if the crowd's response for an encore wasn't so half-assed. A few photos from the show below(and more here):

The Weakerthans @ University of Toronto: photo by Mike Ligon

Metric @ University of Toronto: photo by Mike Ligon

After Metric's set, I pondered whether my name got on the guest list for the V-Fest Launch party at The Mod Club featuring latest Arts & Crafts-distributed band Phoenix. Arts & Crafts as well as the band's official website were each giving away 10 pairs of passes and although I'd e-mailed a submission to both, I'd come up empty-handed. I even had a reader e-mail me offering me a guest list spot if I e-mailed her back but I only read the e-mail around 9 pm when I was still downtown at an Internet cafe. However, since I was downtown I decided to pass by The Mod Club and and see if I could get in anyway. Maybe if I looked desperate, they'd let me in. I got to The Mod Club around 10 pm and I told the girl at the door that I wasn't sure if my name was on the guest list and it turned out it wasn't but I asked if she still would be letting people in. Grabbing my hand, stamping it and then giving me a free copy of the latest Arts and Crafts sampler, she said to go "Have fun." She really made my day and I was on the biggest high after that. With barely 5 minutes to spare, Phoenix took the stage performing an energetic set of material off their new album "It's Never Been Like That" as well as a few choice older cuts. Their soulful, danceable, pop music had the crowd enthusiastically dancing, and sometimes singing along. I'm still perplexed why they didn't perform 'One Time Too Many' which I think is easily the best song on the new album. Otherwise, the hour long set(including encore) made up for me missing seeing their set at the following day's Virgin Festival at Toronto Islands(although my brother and I did get to the Island and hear off in the distance at least 3 or 4 songs as from Phoenix's set). Photo from The Mod Club show below(and more here):

Phoenix @ The Mod Club: photo by Mike Ligon

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