Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Now It's Time

Paula FrazerWow, was it October 19, 2005 when I lasted posted at length about Paula Frazer? Things have been slow in her camp as of late, although she hasn't necessarily been resting on her laurels. She recently released a digital live EP entitled "Live at Ace of Spades" recorded in 2005. Since her last formal solo effort, 2005's "Leave The Sad Things Behind", I recall she's primarily confined her live dates in and around her homebase of San Francisco, CA. She even took part in a Gram Parsons Tribute show at Great American Hall in San Fran several nights ago.

For some, Paula Frazer might be more well known as the lead vocalist of San Franciscan outfit Tarnation, who'd up to this point had only released two albums, 1995's "Gentle Creatures" released through 4Ad and 1997's "Mirador" released through Reprise. They were two albums of atmospheric gothic country, prominently defined by the haunting Patsy Cline-ish vocals of Paula Frazer. After "Mirador", she dropped the Tarnation tag and continued in her own name, continuing the sound she'd created with Tarnation.

It's come to my attention recently from Leaky Sparrow(via There's Always Someone Cooler Than You) that there's a new record coming out in March through Birdman Records, entitled "Now It's Time" and it will be billed to Paula Frazer and Tarnation. More excitingly, Paula Frazer and Tarnation will be crossing the pond to take part in Collection Hiver 2007(or the Winter Collection) in Saint-Malo (Brittany - France), the festival which takes place February 16-18. If Paula Frazer and Tarnation are willing to make the trek to France to perform, I can only assume(or at least hope) in the future that they'll properly tour good ol' North America(and Toronto, of course).

There's a couple of new tracks("Now It's Time", "Pretend") from the new album "Now It's Time" streaming at Paula Frazer and Tarnation's MySpace. It's funny that what defined Paula Frazer/Tarnation in the past(Patsy Cline-ish vocals, gothic country sound) is less obvious this time around, at least with these tracks, and in my opinion, these songs sound a lot more genuine and heartfelt. Check 'em out at the band's MySpace:

MySpace: Paula Frazer and Tarnation

Also check out a streaming session of Paula Frazer at Studio C on June 21, 2006, performing older tracks "Game of Broken Hearts", "Watercolor Lines", and "August's Song":

Live Session: Paula Frazer at Studio C
From across the pond, Yer Mam! brings us a list of artists to watch out for in 2007. Some of the artists I've heard/heard of but actually most of them I haven't heard/heard of. I'll have to set aside some time to download some of the mp3's and read the commentary.

Say Hi To Your Mom will be in town for a show at Sneaky Dee's on April 3[via Kork Agency].

Kevin Shields told Magnet Magazine(in an interview that's in the magazine's Jan/Feb '07 issue) that My Bloody Valentine will 100% make another album...unless they die or something. Kevin finishes off by saying, "I'm quite optimistic about the future, even though experience has taught me that I'm probably just delusional." That's all I needed to hear.

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