Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When We Were Wolves

My Latest NovelMost exciting news all day, Glasgow, Scotland's My Latest Novel will be in Toronto for a show at The Drake Hotel on March 9 as part of Canadian Music Week. I've been waiting for this forever, and when they played Vancouver in November as part of Transmission Fest but didn't play any other Canadian cities, I was really disappointed. This should be a good show. Definitely will be buying tickets for this one, rather than chancing it and trying to get in with a wristband. [thanks to Chromewaves for pointing out the date as well as to suckingalemon for the heads up that the show's part of CMW].

MySpace: My Latest Novel

Also on the preliminary band list for this year's Canadian Music Week in March who I'm interested in seeing are Jenn Grant(of course!), Ruth Minnikin, The Coast, The Parkas and Ex-Lion Tamer.

And more exciting news, Swedish pop artist El Perro Del Mar will be at The Mod Club on March 5. [via The Windish Agency]

MySpace: El Perro Del Mar

Brooklyn Vegan brings word that Sting is in talks for The Police to reunite for a special tour to mark the band's 30th Anniversary. I'd love to go to this, as I'm sure a lot of other people would. Anyone remember The Police Picnic shows I believe they performed in Toronto back in the early 80's? I was too young then to go to concerts but I vote for The Police to recreate these shows(in the summer, of course) if they do reunite and come back to Toronto.

YouTube: The Police - I Can't Stand Losing You (promo video)

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