Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Scene Is Now

  • CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol IWhen I think of all those CBC radio music programs that have existed over the years, programs such as Brave New Waves which keeps on going strong to this day, programs like the defunct weekend Nightlines, and Realtime which evolved into Radiosonic and in turn evolved into CBC Radio 3, I'm reminded of The X-Files. In what sense you may ask? Those music programs, like The X-Files exist(ed) as sort of a black sheep of a larger organization. Scully and Mulder, as part of The X-Files, were stuck in the basement of the FBI building. I can only imagine Brave New Waves broadcasting from the bowels of the CBC building, reaching a small but devoted following of indie music fans. And it is that very fact that I was always surprised(but ultimately grateful) that programs such as Brave New Waves et al ever existed. I owe a great debt to Brave New Waves in particular for introducing me to indie music in the first place. I think I stumbled upon an episode of Brave New Waves by accident when I couldn't fall asleep one night. I could remember a soothing radio voice speaking over the radio, giving a brief but interesting profile of a then unknown band, then the segment leading into a song that totally changed my listening habits forever. It was probably around '93 or '94(my early 20s) when I was introduced to labels such as K Records, Merge, Matador and [the now defunct Montreal-based]Derivative and then later on to bands/artists like Lois, Heavenly, Superchunk, Guided By Voices, Jale, Versus and the list goes on. Before that, my musical diet primarily consisted of 80's Brit bands like The Smiths, Cure, New Order, and also grunge bands like Nirvana. I have a whole bunch of Brave New Waves artists profiles on cassette tape, hosted by Brent Bambury and later on by current host Patti Schmidt, buried in some boxes and I'm getting somewhat nostalgic for those days. Realtime and Radiosonic were also a great source of live concerts that I collected back then. It's been ages since I've actually listened to Brave New Waves, partly due to it's late night time slot, and mostly due to the internet now being a larger part of my new music education. CBC Radio 3 has eluded my listening habits for the most part as well because it's on Saturday night and I'm not always home. But since picking up CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol I, I've been reminded of the great indie music talent that call Canada home. The CD features some wicked live/acoustic performances from the likes of Sloan, The New Pornographers, The Organ, The Constantines, The Hidden Cameras, The Dears, and Rheostatics to name only a few. I picked this CD up at Futureshop[of all places] for $9.99. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. And while you're at it check out Brave New Waves and CBC Radio 3 and expose yourself to music that'll change your life forever.

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