Sunday, July 04, 2004

This is a Broadcast

  • The Dears [circa 2004]According to a news update dated June 28, 2004 at the The Dears site, the band has signed to record label Bella Union who by the looks of the label site are a British label whose roster includes the likes of Sing Sing, Dirty Three, Cocteau Twins and Robin Guthrie. There are also a bunch of other artists on the label who I'm not familiar with. What this signing might hold we shall see. The Dears are already signed to Maple Music in Canada so I'm thinking the Bella Union signing will have to do more with international distribution. According to The Dears site, the first single will be released late summer, with a handful of tourdates[Canadian?] to follow as well as the release of the new album in the fall!

  • The new King Cobb Steelie record "Destroy All Codes Now" should be released July 20. Hopefully the release date will not be pushed back further.

  • Great new Canadian band, Uncut, are in the midst of redesigning their website, so check back often. And they even included a little blurb of mine from my blog on their 'Press' page. How nice of them!

  • So I just saw Spiderman II yesterday and was mightily impressed. A more thoughtout review should follow tomorrow hopefully. In the meantime, I'm reminded of one of the commercials that the theatres have been playing recently before the main feature starts. In particular, I'm thinking of the ad for The Toronto Star which features two characters, a guy and a girl, no dialogue, and shows the parallels within their lives, waking up, eating breakfast, reading the paper, what-have-you, and then both of them happening to be at the same bus stop. It's quite a creatively subtle advertisement and in particular, I was enamored with the song that was playing in the background, sort of a lazy, Red-House-Painters-ish song featuring the lyrics along the lines of "We are floating in the same white space"[for the record, I know it's not Spiritualized's "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space"]. I can't seem to find any info on the web of what the name of this song is. So before I go e-mailing The Toronto Star, can anyone else tip me off? Thanks.

  • MP3: If you're a Gene fan like I am, the You'll Never Walk Again fansite has started posting a couple of tracks of the Gene bootleg 'Stars In Their Eyes'. The site will be posting a couple of tracks per week. Who said brit-pop was dead?

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